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April–June 1982, Volume 1, Issue 2

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The patch is a listing of DDT as it is displayed on the screen.


3100 0100 -$2931

2931 36 3

2932 FE. -S2935

2935 36 32

2936 FE. -S2968

2968 3B 3A

2969 01 B9

296A 18 1E . 296B 02 21

296C 3E 3E

296D 02 01

2968 21 . -S29E9

2989 00 01

29EA Bt



Steve Willmott, West Drayton.

a ms

This small routine will enable NASPEN users to indent any text from the left hand margin without having to insert the indentation directly into the NASPEN buffer. It does this by detecting all CARRIAGE RETURNs (0DH) sent to the printer (IMP assumed) and printing a pre-determined number of spaces before returning to NASPEN. The code can be placed in any convenient part of memory. For those with IMPRINT, code 02 (bi-directional printing) can also be trapped when it occurs at the end of text. This allows unidirectional printing to continue till the IMP print buffer is empty.

CP 2 somit if not required

RET Z sthis too


CP £D sis it a CR

RET NZ sif not return

LD A £20 ;space

LD B 8 sindent of 8 spaces LOOP SCAL £68

DJINZ LOOP sprint spaces


Enter the routine into memory, say at £0C80, then change the NASPEN printer reflection to jump to the routine. i.e. modify £101D (DF 6B C9) to C3 80 OC. The indent can be changed by loading B with the required number of spaces. Then warm start NASPEN.

R. Mohamed, Glasgow

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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