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November–December 1982, Volume 1, Issue 4

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When 80-BUS News absorbed INMC80 we also acquired a quantity of programs from the program library. We now need the valuable space that they are occupying and so here are some offers that you can’t refuse!! All of the programs are ones which were sent in by INMC members and are source code listings on A4d paper. In order to dispose of ‘them quickly we are offering them at ‘giveaway’ prices, but must insist on a minimum program order of £1. As we run out of certain lines we will make up the value of the order with alternative programs. Postage is 30p per UK order and 60p overseas.

These offers hold until January 31, 1983 and after that date the program library will be permanently closed.

NasSys Programs

Se ame se a mt se

s2 Reaction Test 0C80-OF AD 0.20 When the random digit appears,press the same digit on the keyboard. Better than 0.6 seconds is good – how good are you?

$3 Bouncing Beastie 0C80-OCFC 0.05 A character bounces around the screen leaving a trail behind it. $4 Reverse 0C80-0F99 0.25

Arrange the randomly generated list of numbers in order in the fewest moves by reversing any number of them at a time.

85 Double Mastermind 0C80-OFB9 0.35 Try and crack the Nascom’s four digit code while it tries to crack yours. (It won’t let you cheat!)

S7 JJ 0C80-OEOF 0.20 Enter the machine code of this before looking to see how it works. Written to demonstrate machine code string handling.

$8 Unizap 0C80-OEHDI 0.25 Recreate the life of the Universe. Take it from the ‘big bang’ to its ‘ultimate destiny’ by shooting stars.

99 Random Buzg-word Linker 0C80-OF3E 0.20 Short of jargon? Then use the ‘Functional flexibility’ of this program to give you ‘limited transitional communication’ in your ‘balanced digital engineering’ !! :

S10 Quiz Program (+Italian file) 0C80-ODCB (+0DDO-OFD5 ) 0.25 What is Italian for ‘please’ or English for ‘Fratello’? Find out with this quiz. Also additional files (see below).

oti Cockney Rhyming Slang (for S10) ODDO-OFD6 0.10 $12 Currency Types (for S10) ODDO-OFCO 0.10 S13 Capital Cities (for S10) ODDO-OFE1 0.10 S14 Ship Game 0C80-OF A4 0.30

Blow up ships using your torpedoes. Ships come at random speed, distance & direction.

S15 Hangman 0C80--OFA4 0.25 Can you guess the word before you are hung? Can add own words.

S16 Memory Test 1 OFOO-OF6F 0.10 fests for addressing faults

S17 Memory Test 2 OFOO-OF61 0.10 Tests for bit faults/pattern sensitivity.

S24 Octal-Hexadecimal Conversion 0C80-0CES 0.10

528 Decimal-Hexadecimal Conversion O0C80-OD2B 0.15

S34 Random I-Ching Characters 0C80-0D25 0.10 Great mystical significance (for those who understand these things).

$36 Sub-Search 0C80-ODA3 0.20

Ship traverses screen dropping random depth charges on randomly moving submarines.

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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