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March–April 1983 · Volume 2 · Issue 2

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I get around the inconsistency of some programs using CR and others using CR and LF at line ends as follows. The printer procedure ignores LF’s completely, and converts CR to LF before sending it to the printer, which has AUTO FEED off. CH is converted to CR in order to preserve compatibility with Nas-Sys cursor control. The MX80’s block graphic character set has different codes to Nas-Graphics. This short procedure converts from Nascom to Epson graphcs:

Finally, I disagree with David Hunt’s comments about XON/​XOFF protocol. At work I am user of small computers (mainly PDP 11), which use only this protocol. Both in terms of cabling costs and interface simplicity it is greatly to be preffered to handshaking with DTR etc. Indeed, few DEC interfaces support handshake lines, and XON/​XOFF is the only available method for 20mA current loop communication.

Classified Ads.

These ads. are printed free-of-charge (when space permits) provided that they are for the sale of private property and are not for commercial gain. If you want to advertise games, or that Greenhouse Controller Board then you’ll have to pay. Write for details of our super rates.

Nascom RAM card A.
32K fitted + 4K firmware; works at 4MHz without wait states £50 ONO.
Tel: Clive Graham, Crawley ______.

Nascom 2.
Cased with 48K, graphics, Nas-Sys 3 & 1, Imp printer, Hobbit microcassette system, toolkit, Zeap, Nas-Dis, Naspen, games, spare cassettes, magazines and books. Complete working system, £450 for clearance.
Colchester (____) ______.

Cheap printers:
1) Epson MX-70 (80-col + dot gaphics).
2) Golfball Terminal/​Typewriter with Serial interface (135 baud – 15cps)
(software and baud rate generator for Nascom also available)
£190 ono each. Mike, __ ___ ____.

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