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May-June 1983, Volume 2, Issue 3

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A review by Rory O’Farrell tf there is a standard printer in the microcomputer

world, it is probably the EPSON Mxo@. While considering the purchase of one of these, I learned af the imminent arrival of a new model, the FXG@. Its preliminary specification and the repubation of EPSON decided me to wait a few weeks and get ane of these. & la David Hunt in INMC No. 7, I prapose to review this printer, using it to print out its own review, which will be sent to the Editar ag camera-ready copy. This will @xplain any departure fram “the high standard of typesetting in the BARBUS News.

The FREE is approx i ime twice the size of the IF, Measur LG ae L4"d AS shandard, it comes with a amkromics intertace, But ont ianal interface boards are readily

available ta give and TEEE 480: these may also provide bigger buffers. If urchased my printer with an R&SAS gk butter. The printer ‘ delivered in a sturdy card carrving bax, with

foam inserts. ingert the 8k RSe22 interface buffer, it was Necessary to oapen the case by removing four FPhillips-tyre ecrewea. The Sk buffer goluggqed into a prefitted socket within,

sitting an four plastic supports, For which screws were provided by the buffer manufacturers. Heinq desiaqned for the Mk, the buffer was a tight squeeze, as a 40 way umbilical cheated it of about @fa.". Evy loosening the adjoining board, enough roan was created. The buffer board is selectable tor the usual parity and atop bit operons. These selections are made by sliding little (supplied: caonmmectars down antoa prepositioned lines of contacts. These are known as Berg connectors. Ne soldering is required. This complete, it only remained to set

the power-on options of the FRE@ and the Microbutfer, then

refit the lid. A little panel over the Centronics connector as to the DBSS connector for ithe RSEAS I set as follows:

removes to allow acce interface. The options

Microbuffer Baud rate 1200

Microbuffer Link block $1! Microbuffer Link block $2

Fin B Open Fin SB duaped (1 stop biti Pin B duped (inverted busy) Pin WL fpen (8 bit word) Fin Open Pin EP fipen (Not selected) Pin w Juaped (Hrdwre H/shk) Pin PI Qpen (Parity disabled} FX8S@ DIP switch Ii FX8@ DIP switch 2 SHI.1 | Gt Selects Ae coluan length on power up = SW2.10 On Frinter permanently selected SWI.2 On SW2.2 On Buzzer on

SH1.3 OFF . paer * ad detector SW2.3 0 itt i" perf. skip off Shi.4 | Off "buffer for prog. chars $2.4 Ot Auto LF off

Swi.5 Ott * Hormal print

SHi.6 On "4

SWi.7 Off } Type font with £ char

SHi.8 Off }

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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