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July–August 1983 · Volume 2 · Issue 4

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Dis-assembly of NASCOM ROM BASIC Ver 4.7                PAGE    6

E0B7 20427974   BFREE:  DEFB    " Bytes free",CR,0,0

E0C5 4E415343   SIGNON: DEFB    "Nascom ROM BASIC Ver 4.7   ",CR
E0E1 436F7079           DEFB    "Copyright (C) 1978 by Microsoft",CR,0,0

E103 4D656D6F   MEMMSG: DEFB    "Memory size",0

                ; FUNCTION ADDRESS TABLE

E10F 22F8       FNCTAB: DEFW    SGN
E111 E6F8               DEFW    INT
E113 38F8               DEFW    ABS
E115 0310               DEFW    USR
E117 D0F0               DEFW    FRE
E119 41F4               DEFW    INP
E11B FEF0               DEFW    POS
E11D ACFA               DEFW    SQR
E11F 8BFB               DEFW    RND
E121 C7F6               DEFW    LOG
E123 FAFA               DEFW    EXP
E125 00FC               DEFW    COS
E127 06FC               DEFW    SIN
E129 67FC               DEFW    TAN
E12B 7CFC               DEFW    ATN
E12D A3F5               DEFW    PEEK
E12F BCFD               DEFW    DEEK
E131 5110               DEFW    POINT
E133 82F3               DEFW    LEN
E135 9AF1               DEFW    STR
E137 1CF4               DEFW    VAL
E139 91F3               DEFW    ASC
E13B A2F3               DEFW    CHR
E13D B2F3               DEFW    LEFT
E13F E2F3               DEFW    RIGHT
E141 ECF3               DEFW    MID
Dis-assembly of NASCOM ROM BASIC Ver 4.7                PAGE    7

                ; RESERVED WORD LIST

E143 C54E44     WORDS:  DEFB    80H+"END"
E146 C64F52             DEFB    80H+"FOR"
E149 CE455854           DEFB    80H+"NEXT"
E14D C4415441           DEFB    80H+"DATA"
E151 C94E5055           DEFB    80H+"INPUT"
E156 C4494D             DEFB    80H+"DIM"
E159 D2454144           DEFB    80H+"READ"
E15D CC4554             DEFB    80H+"LET"
E160 C74F544F           DEFB    80H+"GOTO"
E164 D2554E             DEFB    80H+"RUN"
E167 C946               DEFB    80H+"IF"
E169 D2455354           DEFB    80H+"RESTORE"
E170 C74F5355           DEFB    80H+"GOSUB"
E175 D2455455           DEFB    80H+"RETURN"
E17B D2454D             DEFB    80H+"REM"
E17E D3544F50           DEFB    80H+"STOP"
E182 CF5554             DEFB    80H+"OUT"
E185 CF4E               DEFB    80H+"ON"
E187 CE554C4C           DEFB    80H+"NULL"
E18B D7414954           DEFB    80H+"WAIT"
E18F C44546             DEFB    80H+"DEF"
E192 D04F4B45           DEFB    80H+"POKE"
E196 C44F4B45           DEFB    80H+"DOKE"
E19A D3435245           DEFB    80H+"SCREEN"
E1A0 CC494E45           DEFB    80H+"LINES"
E1A5 C34C53             DEFB    80H+"CLS"
E1A8 D7494454           DEFB    80H+"WIDTH"
E1AD CD4F4E49           DEFB    80H+"MONITOR"
E1B4 D34554             DEFB    80H+"SET"
E1B7 D2455345           DEFB    80H+"RESET"
E1BC D052494E           DEFB    80H+"PRINT"
E1C1 C34F4E54           DEFB    80H+"CONT"
E1C5 CC495354           DEFB    80H+"LIST"
E1C9 C34C4541           DEFB    80H+"CLEAR"
E1CE C34C4F41           DEFB    80H+"CLOAD"
E1D3 C3534156           DEFB    80H+"CSAVE"
E1D8 CE4557             DEFB    80H+"NEW"

NASCOM ROM BASIC source code is available in ASM and LST file format.

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