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July–August 1983, Volume 2, Issue 4

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Private Ads.

Nascom 1 + 32K RAM, Teletype printer, 4800 baud cassette interface, floppy disc system. All PCBs and keyboard built into a Harris VDU terminal giving a professional appearance. Software BASIC and assembler on disc. All documentation. £450. Tel. Jim Taylor, Cramlington (____) ______ after 6pm.

Nascom 1, 32K, and Nascom 2, 64K, both eased, for sale either as working systems or in bits. Also 300 baud RS232 ICL Termiprinter with keyboard. All in good condition. Offers? Taylor, Congleton (_____) ____.

Nascom 2, in a Vero rack with a 48K RAM B board, sound board, monitor, manuals, games. £300 ono. Also AVT monitor £60 ono. Kidlington (_____) ____.

Nascom 2 cased with 32K, graphics, Nas-Sys 1 & 3, ZEAP, Nas-pen, port probe and software, spare cassettes, mags, books and manuals. £350 ono. __-___-____.

Nascom 2 cased, Gemini RAM 64K with 48K, BLS Pascal, Micro Power games and BASIC file handler, ZEAP, NAS-DIS, Debug, £400. Tel. ____-______ evenings.

IMP printer with ‘IMPRINT’. Fully working. £140 or consider offers. Also 12" green screen professional quality video monitor, £50. Tel ____-___-___. Clive Bowden.

Thomson-CSF 4-page VDU card, uses the SFF 96364 chip with 4K x 6 of dynamic RAM. Generates TTL video and sync. outputs, and has a UART with link-selectable baud rates, and RS232 line drivers and receivers on the card. All it needs is a parallel ASCII keyboard and a PSU to form a high quality 16 line x 64 character terminal. The card is new, boxed, complete with data, and is completely unused. £125 ono. Tel. Martin Davies, ____ _____.

TRIED AND TESTED CP/M SOFTWARE SPECIALLY SELECTED FOR YOUR GALAXY COMPUTER Phone or write today for further details and latest price list


Wordstar (3.0) MicroPro 152 Calcstar MicroPro 90

Wordstar (3.3) MicroPro 295 Supercalc Sorcim 126

Mailmerge (3.3) MicroPra 145

Spellstar (3.3) MicroPro 145 LANGUAGES

Starindex (3.3) MicroPro 116

Wordstar Professional MicroPro 414 BASIC interpreter Microsoft 259 BASIC compiler Microsoft 295

DATABASE & FILE MANAGEMENT Pro Fortran Prospero 220 CIS Cobol Microfocus 425

dBase II Ashton-Tate 437 Macro-80 Microsoft 149

Autocode Stemmos 220 Pro Pascal Prospero 220

Personal Pearl Pearl Software 190

Add 15% VAT to all prices Y% Access and Visa card holders welcome

Either enclose a cheque made payable to ‘Business Computer Developments’

or quote your credit card number. Please state which disk format you require

Products referred to are trademarks or registered trademarks of the companies

of origin. CP/M is a registered trademark of Digital Research Inc.

Business Computer Developments The Saddlery

___ _______ ____ o 0 Chingford £4 7BU Phone – __ ___ ____

a | Ags gis

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