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July–August 1983, Volume 2, Issue 4

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EV666 Real Time Clock for Gemini IVC Monday 25/07/83 11:31.14


– on screen clock display – return data to host – software selectable formats – – years – months – date – day – hours – minutes – seconds – tenths of seconds – – battery backed CMOS RAM (total 128 bytes) – extra IVC commands such as – – return bit pattern of a character – single byte cursor home (control 0) – , – extensive documentation and software in ROM – supplied built and tested – Manual available – All this for a measly £ 62.50 + VAT – separately £2.00 – Software demo disk available (for MBASIC + CP/M,specify format) £5.00 + vaT- Refundable upon * * * Printed with a ‘Screen Dump! * * * purchase. The EV667 ‘Bleep’ is a useful accessory for the GM812 I.V.C. or Nascom 2. The sound

has four adjustable parameters and is triggered by an ASCII BELL control code Ce (CHR$(7)). Designed using low power CMOS logic and the latest piezo-ceramic

transducer, the board measures 66x37x11 mm. Quickly and easily fitted with only three wires giving a low profile assembly. £ 12.50 + VAT The EV814 IEEE 488 bus controller card meets 80-BUS and NASBUS specifications to provide a low cost method of using IEEE and GPIB bus faa OB ts devices. The application is not limited to automatic test equipment, fast data transfer, multiple printers or data collection. Multiple boards have been used to construct Network systems which rival the speed of twisted pair networks with inherent collision detection and interrupt type protocols, with multiple printers attached to the Bus. Resident software support for this card is in the form of a 4K byte Bus Operating System contained in Page-Moded EPROM coupled into system memory by a reserved area of memory. This card costs £140.00 plus VAT. Other related products: Software utility disk £ 10.00+VAT includes B.0.S. source. Paper listing of B.0.S.-is £ 10.00 (a lot of paper, so no VAT). The hardware and software manuals are available for £5.00 each (no VAT). These products are available from your local Microvalue dealer

Please add £1.00 to cover EV postage and packing.




as [:

SKYTRONICS EPROM PROGRAMMER B Q hn GPR OGZH% Y, – Programs most types of Eprom from most

types of computer

The SKYTRONICS EPROM PROGRAMMER can easily be Present 10 new games por NASCO 2 attached to almost any microcomputer. These four programs are written in machine EPROMS catered for include: code.They all have variatle speeds & skills. 2708, 2716, 3 Rail POW R. TOC H , 14K , only £10 2508, 2758, 2516, 2716, 2532, 2732, Single Rail. Go on a loony safari! Catch monstrous fleas,

vicious slugs,marauding shroobs and ‘probably

aeee malaria as well. Great fun and very stupid.


Uses two 8 Bit Parallel ports

*"** Zero insertion force socket nee WALL RACERS RACERS nok » £8 . kek refi HERE : . eeRe very tactical game requiring quick reflexeg Built & Tested or Kit but no luck! 32000 speeds!!! Play a friend The unit is controlled from two 8 bit parallel ports, and BEL CHNAN Naseoa ag yee wish. (eo P80 PIO or OEDT PAN most I/O devices, Gobble the ghosts ,digest the dots,belch up “9. ; o . the bonuses and prey on the power pills! A transformer is included to supply a stable +25V This version of the well known arcade game programming voltage. involoves 5 different mazes. Complete listing of BASIC . lied. ol FOREST FIRE , 18K , £8 ompiete listing © program is supplied, plus Drop bombs and water at strategic places on detailed description of how to use the programmer, a burning island. Also design your own enabling it to be used on any micro. islands with our easy to use editor and . save them on tape] Very frustrating. _ Built & Tested.....£59.95+VAT – BASTC PROGGIE PACKS;3 progs per pack,£5 each Kit form. £49.95+VAT PACK 1: Battleships ,Asteroids,Burping Wrgls T. | lied f a . PACK 2: Bomb New York,alien,Grand Prix apes also supplied for Nascom, Gemini Multiboard. They are all surprisingly fast. Disks also supplied for Nascom, Gemini CP/M SPECIAL OFFER: Both proggie packs for £8, . . . games need the graphies ROM. Further details from: Skytronics Ltd. (0602) 781742 Instructions given on paper & in the program Computerama All prices inclusive , send for details ___ _____ ____ tor BORGPROGZZ , Nottingham ___ ___ __ _______ ____, Brentwood,

“TM of Digital Research Essex , ____ ___

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