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September–October 1983, Volume 2, Issue 5

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the disk drive cable was rolled into a cylinder and stuffed down the inner of the lapped screen extracted from a piece of RG8 aerial cable. The screened drive cable so manufactured was bonded to the computer box at one end and the drive box at the other. This cured most of the drive noise.

That’s where I left it. RFI is now of acceptable proportions, although I dare say I could improve matters if I so wished. Screening all cables to every peripheral might be effective, but to date it will do. I have noticed that when I swing my beam aerial in the direction of the computer more RFI is received, but it will pass until, that is, the nice new 10 element beam I’ve just bought goes up on the aerial pole, then I guess the hunt for RF leaks will start again.

That just about wraps it up for this session, except for one radio and computer related topic. Recently I have taken up cudgels with the ‘C Programming Language’. At the moment I have a fair idea who’s winning, and it’s not me!! So what I need is a project, a totally selfish project to ensure that I actually do something about it, so I thought I might write a generalised CP/M AMTOR program in ‘C’ (AMTOR is a way of making computers talk over radio). The snag is, I don’t know the protocols, extracts yes, but the complete bit, no. So if anyone has a copy they would part with, or knows where the original references can be found, I’d be grateful if they’d let me know.

So finally, just to get my own back on Dr. Dark for all that Pascal rot he writes ......

        printf("Bye all\n");

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