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November–December 1983, Volume 2, Issue 6

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Dis-assembly of NAS­COM ROM BASIC Ver 4.7                PAGE    44

ECF6 110000     NEXT:   LD      DE,0            ; In case no index given
ECF9 C42DEF     NEXT1:  CALL    NZ,GETVAR       ; Get index address
ECFC 22CE10             LD      (BRKLIN),HL     ; Save code string address
ECFF CD56E3             CALL    BAKSTK          ; Look for "FOR" block
ED02 C2B3E3             JP      NZ,NFERR        ; No "FOR" - ?NF Error
ED05 F9                 LD      SP,HL           ; Clear nested loops
ED06 D5                 PUSH    DE              ; Save index address
ED07 7E                 LD      A,(HL)          ; Get sign of STEP
ED08 23                 INC     HL
ED09 F5                 PUSH    AF              ; Save sign of STEP
ED0A D5                 PUSH    DE              ; Save index address
ED0B CD51F8             CALL    PHLTFP          ; Move index value to FPREG
ED0E E3                 EX      (SP),HL         ; Save address of TO value
ED0F E5                 PUSH    HL              ; Save address of index
ED10 CDBEF5             CALL    ADDPHL          ; Add STEP to index value
ED13 E1                 POP     HL              ; Restore address of index
ED14 CD6BF8             CALL    FPTHL           ; Move value to index variable
ED17 E1                 POP     HL              ; Restore address of TO value
ED18 CD62F8             CALL    LOADFP          ; Move TO value to BCDE
ED1B E5                 PUSH    HL              ; Save address of line of FOR
ED1C CD8EF8             CALL    CMPNUM          ; Compare index with TO value
ED1F E1                 POP     HL              ; Restore address of line num
ED20 C1                 POP     BC              ; Address of sign of STEP
ED21 90                 SUB     B               ; Compare with expected sign
ED22 CD62F8             CALL    LOADFP          ; BC = Loop stmt,DE = Line num
ED25 CA31ED             JP      Z,KILFOR        ; Loop finished - Terminate it
ED28 EB                 EX      DE,HL           ; Loop statement line number
ED29 225C10             LD      (LINEAT),HL     ; Set loop line number
ED2C 69                 LD      L,C             ; Set code string to loop
ED2D 60                 LD      H,B
ED2E C3EEE7             JP      PUTFID          ; Put back "FOR" and continue

ED31 F9         KILFOR: LD      SP,HL           ; Remove "FOR" block
ED32 2ACE10             LD      HL,(BRKLIN)     ; Code string after "NEXT"
ED35 7E                 LD      A,(HL)          ; Get next byte in code string
ED36 FE2C               CP      ","             ; More NEXTs ?
ED38 C2F2E7             JP      NZ,RUNCNT       ; No - Do next statement
ED3B CD36E8             CALL    GETCHR          ; Position to index name
ED3E CDF9EC             CALL    NEXT1           ; Re-enter NEXT routine
                ; < will not RETurn to here , Exit to RUNCNT or Loop >
Dis-assembly of NAS­COM ROM BASIC Ver 4.7                PAGE    45

ED41 CD5AED     GETNUM: CALL    EVAL            ; Get a numeric expression
ED44 F6         TSTNUM: DEFB    (OR n)          ; Clear carry (numeric)
ED45 37         TSTSTR: SCF                     ; Set carry (string)
ED46 3AAD10     CHKTYP: LD      A,(TYPE)        ; Check types match
ED49 8F                 ADC     A,A             ; Expected + actual
ED4A B7                 OR      A               ; Clear carry , set parity
ED4B E8                 RET     PE              ; Even parity - Types match
ED4C C3BFE3             JP      TMERR           ; Different types - Error

                ; <<< NO REFERENCE TO HERE >>>

ED4F CD90E6             CALL    CHKSYN          ; Make sure "=" follows
ED52 B4                 DEFB    ZEQUAL          ; "="
ED53 C35AED             JP      EVAL            ; Evaluate expression

ED56 CD90E6     OPNPAR: CALL    CHKSYN          ; Make sure "(" follows
ED59 28                 DEFB    "("
ED5A 2B         EVAL:   DEC     HL              ; Evaluate expression & save
ED5B 1600               LD      D,0             ; Precedence value
ED5D D5         EVAL1:  PUSH    DE              ; Save precedence
ED5E 0E01               LD      C,1
ED60 CD8AE3             CALL    CHKSTK          ; Check for 1 level of stack
ED63 CDD1ED             CALL    OPRND           ; Get next expression value
ED66 22D010     EVAL2:  LD      (NXTOPR),HL     ; Save address of next operator
ED69 2AD010     EVAL3:  LD      HL,(NXTOPR)     ; Restore address of next opr
ED6C C1                 POP     BC              ; Precedence value and operator
ED6D 78                 LD      A,B             ; Get precedence value
ED6E FE78               CP      78H             ; "AND" or "OR" ?
ED70 D444ED             CALL    NC,TSTNUM       ; No - Make sure it's a number
ED73 7E                 LD      A,(HL)          ; Get next operator / function
ED74 1600               LD      D,0             ; Clear Last relation
ED76 D6B3       RLTLP:  SUB     ZGTR            ; ">" Token
ED78 DA92ED             JP      C,FOPRND        ; + - * / ^ AND OR - Test it
ED7B FE03               CP      ZLTH+1-ZGTR     ; < = >
ED7D D292ED             JP      NC,FOPRND       ; Function - Call it
ED80 FE01               CP      ZEQUAL-ZGTR     ; "="
ED82 17                 RLA                     ; <- Test for legal
ED83 AA                 XOR     D               ; <- combinations of < = >
ED84 BA                 CP      D               ; <- by combining last token
ED85 57                 LD      D,A             ; <- with current one
ED86 DAADE3             JP      C,SNERR         ; Error if "<<" "==" or ">>"
ED89 22C510             LD      (CUROPR),HL     ; Save address of current token
ED8C CD36E8             CALL    GETCHR          ; Get next character
ED8F C376ED             JP      RLTLP           ; Treat the two as one

NASCOM ROM BASIC source code is available in ASM and LST file format.

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