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November–December 1984 · Volume 3 · Issue 6

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I do not intend to give a detailed description of the language here as it would be too long and boring but if I can try to conjure up the flavour of “The ‘C’ programming environment” as the yanks call it, I think that would serve my purpose better. If by some miracle these documented mumblings generate some enthusiasm then I recommend that you go out and buy the standard text book for any ‘C’ programmer, that is “The ‘C’ programming language” by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie published by Prentice-Hall. It is quite good for a computing textbook, and what is more, defines the standard to which all compiler writers strive, and all available compilers are compared. Better still borrow it from a friend as it probably costs about £19 by now.

Ok, enough of the preamble, lets get our hands dirty and walz straight into a ‘C’ program. This will not shock the computing world with its complexity but is a program to open a disk file and write the value of a loop counter into it.

So having looked at it what do you think, I know that I have been using ‘C’ for a while now and I’m pretty used to it, but is it really as mumbo jumbo’ish as some people say?

Page 28 of 55