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Summer 1985, Volume 4, Issue 2

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An optional facility for use with BIOS 3.2 is a utility called IBMCOPY. Now this program allows a system that can cope with 48 tpi, 40 track single or double sided disks to initialise, read and write, IBM PC 8 sector or 9 sector, single or double sided, PCDOS disks. This will be of great use to people who have a PCDOS machine at work, and a Gemini at home, as they will be able to transfer data to and from those different machines, or even to Superbrain or DEC! Remember though that the PCDOS programs themselves will be of little use, unless you have a Gemini GM888 board and have implemented PCDOS on that.

BIOS 3.2 has been supplied with standard Gemini CP/M’s from about June this year. Owners of earlier CP/M’s can get theirs upgraded by returning their original Gemini master disk to their dealer who will return it to Gemini for upgrade. Cost £30.00 plus VAT.

Well, that just about wraps it up for this time, back to the beginning, this is another 6500 words on the total assuming no-one goes mad with a blue pencil. Let me think, at fourpence a word, thats ...

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Business Computer Developments .D The Saddlery o oO ___ _______ ____ – Chingford _____ Phone __-___ ____ COMPREHENSIVE PRODUCT RANGE, INDEPENDENT SERVICE AND COMPETITIVE PRICES WORD PROCESSING & TEXT EDITING PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES MicroPro ADA WORDMASTER 70 Watch this space WORDSTAR 200 ASSEMBLERS WORDSTAR PROFESSIONAL 299 Digital Research 145 Microsoft MACRO 80 165 PLANNING & DATA MANAGEMENT BASIC Digital Research comp 328 Ashton-Tate interpreter 95 GBASE Il (2.43) 250 Microsoft compiler 325 Microsoft interpreter 300 MULTIPLAN 145 Xitan XBASIC interpreter 185 SorcimiUS Cc SUPERCALC HI 175 Digital Research 275 Abtex Ecosoft ECO-C (needs M80) 165 PERTMASTER 590 ECO-C plus M80 299 ECO-C + M80 + K&R 315 STATISTICS COBOL Microfocus CIS COBOL 325 Ecosolt CIS + FORMS2 + ANIM 585 MICROSTAT (4.1) 275 LEVEL fi 738 SOURCEWRITER 625 Microsoft 475 TRAINING SOFTWARE CORAL British Telocom 950 MicroCal HANDS-ON FORTRAN BASIC 150 Digital Research 395 cP 80 Microsoft 385 COBOL 330 Prospero PRO-FORTRAN 195 dBASE Ht 80 PASCAL MULTIPLAN 80 Digital Research MT+ 250 MAC Microsoft 250 WP Workshops 75 Prospero PRO-PASCAL 195 UK Saies post free but add 15% VAT Access & Visa weicome Please state which disk format you require and make cheques payable to ‘BCD’ All popular operating systems supported – CP/M CP/M-86 MS-DOS PC-DOS UNIX DEALER / CONSULTANT / QUANTITY AND EDUCATIONAL DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE Product and operating systems referred to are trademarks or registered of the companies of origin

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