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June/July/August 1980, Issue 1

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INMC 80 NEWS Issue: 1

June/July/August 1980

BUMPER "We’re still around" ISSUE


Page 1This is it.
Page 2Chairman’s Bit.
Page 3Long Live NASCOM.
Page 4Letters to the Editor.
Page 10NASCOM Rescue Bid.
Page 11Print HL in Decimal.
Page 12Checksum Routines.
Page 14ZEAP Output to Printer.
Page 15Conversion of T4 to Nas-Sys.
Page 16Make Your Own Characters.
Page 18Hex Codes/Graphics/Reserved Words.
Page 19Teach Yourself Z80.
Page 22S100-Readers’ Replies.
Page 24Using the PIO.
Page 26Hardware Reviews.
  Nascom I/0 Board.
Page 28  Port Probe & Key Pads.
  3M Cassettes.
Page 29CUTS Cassette Interface.
Page 30BASIC at 4MHz.
Page 31Notes on PASCAL.
Page 32Book Reviews.
  Z80 Books.
Page 33  BASIC Books.
  Classified Ads.
Page 34Doctor Dark’s Diary – 6
Page 36WHAT ?
Page 37Index to INMC Newsletters: 1 – 7.
Page 39Computers ?
Page 40Assemblers and Nas-Sys.
Page 41HALT and the Nascom.
Page 42Generated BASIC Programs.
Page 44Cassette Hints.
  Cassette Reliability.
  Cut That Noise.
Page 45  2400 Baud on Nascom 2.
Page 46ZEAP 1.1 Files to 2.0 Files.
  8 Amp PSU – A Warning !
Page 47Nas-Sys 3.
Page 48Laurence Fights Back !
Page 49Our very own "IMPERSONAL" column.
Pages 43/50/51Advertisements.

PLEASE NOTE. Our address is now:
INMC80, c/o Oakfield Corner,
________ ____, Amersham, Bucks. ___ ___.


PLEASE ALSO NOTE. This address is used by INMC purely as a postbox. We cannot arrange to send you leaflets or answer all your sales and technical queries. Contact NASCOM or your NASCOM Distributor for these.

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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