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June/July/August 1980 · Issue 1

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‘HE’ speaks


Not so long ago you will have received a letter from us stating that Nascom had called for a Receiver to handle its affairs. At the same time the letter said we’d all resigned. Implication: we were all off to the Bahamas with the INMC funds. Well: sorry, but it’s not true, we are back again, and to prove it, with a bumper issue containing about 10 pages more than usual.

In the past we have relied on Nascom for secretarial support, which has been withdrawn on the arrival of the new ‘Powers That Be’ over at Chesham. However, a friendly Nascom distributor has agreed (at least temporarily) to give us a home, help us keep the paperwork straight and deal with programs, subscriptions and distribution. We won’t advertise here (it won’t take you long to find out who he is), but Ta folks.

Now to the INMC itself, we’ve got to change the name, to get round any legal nasties and break entirely with Nascom, so if you haven’t noticed already, this newsletter is called INMC80 issue 1. You know and I know its INMC 8, but that’s the way it goes. The ‘80’ stands for 1980, or Z80, or the square root of the number of members, or something. Cheques payable to INMC80 in future please. Secondly, we must register ourselves as a charity or a ‘Ltd’ company pretty shortly, so we can get the benefit of VAT refunds etc., we haven’t decided which yet, but if anyone has any vigorous objections to one or the other, or can offer advice, let us know.

As we mentioned last newsletter, funds aren’t quite what they could be. The cost of newsletter printing and distribution costs rather more than the annual subscriptions. Hint !!! We had hoped to make up this deficit with advertising. Where are you ??? Only two this time, and we need five pages worth to keep the books in balance. If you are passing your friendly distributor, wave your copy of this newsletter under his nose and tell him we need his custom (and you’d naturally buy it if you saw in OUR pages). In the meantime, our friendly distributor has agreed to stand any liability we may incur for 12 months, or until the funds allow us to be totally self supporting (which ever is the sooner).

There has been some re-organisation of the committee; there will be an honorary executive committee consisting of Chairman, Secretary/​Editor and Treasurer; and an’ editorial committee. All the existing loonies have agreed to continue to stand in their original capacities, we will aquire a Nascom representative (for the inside information), and we need a Dodo. If you are wondering what a Dodo is, well if you don’t follow every piece of golden prose to be found on these hallowed pages, then it could be you. No offence intended, but the committee needs someone who has little practical understanding of Nascoms and who can argue with the rest of the editorial committee. His job will be to stop us all making this newsletter only readable by the elite.

Sits. Vac.
One Dodo required. Nascom owner essential (fitted with CUTS interface),

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