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September 1980 – January 1981, Issue 2

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Finally, remember the original definition of a committee – a body of people appointed to sit in judgment on a lunatic to decide his sanity!

Co. Wicklow,


Dear Sir,

Upon joining the INMC a few months ago, I was taken by how comprehensive and useful the newsletter is, considering the low budget you must have to work within. I would however like to see more details of local clubs and club activities made available, if there are any !

Every club depends on the interaction and communication of its members with the H.Q. With this end in mind if there are no local group meetings being held then why not ? I personally would like very much to meet fellow owners of NAS­COM’s (perhaps over a pie and a pint in a local hostelry) so we can lurch out of the door satisfied in the knowledge that we are members of an elite club who have exchanged ideas (visions ?) of the system expansions to come!

With this purpose in mind might I suggest that any willing members or non-members (are there any) who would like to meet with the aforementioned in mind, please contact me at the address below so that we can arrange something, sometime, somewhere in the locality of St. Albans. Looking forward to hearing from someone out there.

Bye for now.
_ ________ ____,
St. Albans.

Ed. Any others who would like their addresses published with a view to starting a local club ?


Dear Sir,

During recent months I have been made aware of the activities of a number of people involved with applications for microprocessor based products for the physically handicapped.

In particular I have read with interest an article that appeared in a recent issue of Computer Age written by Patrick Poon.

Although I have left Nascom I would like to see if it is possible to gather together names of people who would be interested in both the specific project Mr. Poon was involved in, i.e. children with Cerebral Palsy, and also other aspects where the microcomputer could possibly aid the disabled.

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