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September 1980 – January 1981 · Issue 2

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The first two days of the course took us through the simple statements – PRINT, INPUT, IF, READ etc., and a discussion of numerical variables and arrays. We two Nascomites found considerable difficulty in getting used to the rather intolerant disciplines of the multi-terminal computer after having been used to the screen editing and other short-cut luxuries of our micros.

Although the official lecture periods ended at 4.15 p.m. we were often still typing until dinner at 6.30 when we reluctantly broke off to eat and perhaps join in an evening activity. This could have been a concert of music, a walk on the downs, a guided tour of the College or, on the first evening, a sherry party. Generally the evenings tended to end in the bar, possibly still talking and thinking in Basic and knowing that if required we could always use the computer until 10.30, usually with help still available if needed.

By mid-week we were into strings and files. Here we had the great advantage of having access to some of the College files already stored on disks. Thus without having to type in anything except program instructions we could practice Bubble Sorts, make new files and investigate search routines.

All too quickly the week came to an end. By now we had filed away quite a few interesting short programs which we were able to print out and take home for further study. The very first thing we each had had to do on that first Monday morning had been to write down on paper our individual aim in taking the course. Mine had been quite simply to learn to think in Basic without worrying about registers, bytes and memory locations within the machine. At the end I did feel that I had achieved that aim and had done so in a most enjoyable manner.

As to the rest of the family, my wife is as hooked on Avebury and Sarsen stones and the like as I am on Basic, while the children said their ‘activities’ were just, “Brill”(iant). One thing we all shared at the end was tiredness but at least it was coupled with a sense of achievment.

Ed. We have since heard that Marlborough College MAY be running comuputing courses in different levels of Basic and in another language next year. For details, write to:

Marlborough College Summer School,
Wilts. ___ ___.



Nascom 2 with 32K, built and fully working in a micro case. Naspen. Disagreement with solicitor forces sale. Nascom hardly used. 400.00 ono. Phone ERITH _____.

NAS-SYS 1 on ROM, straight out of Nascom 2. Have upped to NAS-SYS 3. Full documentation. No sensible offer refused. Phone Petersfield ____, evenings.

Nascom 2, 32K, ZEAP in EPROM, 4K Toolkit, runs 2400 baud. Manual, tapes and programs. Keyboard case. 470.00. Can deliver West Country or London. Phone ____-_____, evenings or weekends.

Nascom 1 with NAS-SYS and PSU. Purchased ready built 5 months ago, total cost 195.00. Full documentation. Will accept 160.00 ono. Phone Brian Reece – Hornchurch _____.

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