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September 1980 – January 1981, Issue 2

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VARPRO the variable protector

Version 1 OD24 2A 10D6 oD27 ED 5B OD80 OD2B DF oD2c 49 OD2D DF OD2E 5A OD2F 00 OD30 2A OD86 retr: 0D33 22 10C3 OD36 2A 10D6 OD39 ED 4B OD84 OD3D ED 4A OD3F 22 10D8 oD42 2A 10D6 OD45 ED 4B OD82 oD49 ED 4A OD4B 22 10DA OD4E 2A OD80 ODS1 ED 5B 10D6 OD55 DF OD56 49 OD57 DF OD58 5A VARPRO the variable protector Version 1 Macros: Symbola: $VAR 10D8 NVARL OD84 RAMHI RAMLO 10ODA RSTR OD30 SAVE VAR 10D6 VARt OD80 VARL No Fatal error(s) TODOO OD60 ODOO 2A D8 10 ED 4B D6 10 ED 2A ODO8 42 22 84 OD 2A DA 10 ED OB OD10 42 22 82 OD 2A C3 10 22 OF 0D18 86 OD 23 ED 4B 82 OD ED 8F OD20 42 22 80 OD 2A D6 10 ED 1B OD28 5B 80.0D DF 49 DF 5A 00 7E OD30 2A 86 OD 22 C3 10 2A D6 EF OD38 10 ED 4B 84 OD ED 4A 22 77 OD40 D8 10 2A D6 10 ED 4B 82 FF OD48 OD ED 4A 22 DA 10 2A 80 4F OD50 OD ED 5B D6 10 DF 49 DF OF OD58 5A 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B2 Ed.

completely automatic.

It occurs to us that very little work need be done to make this The answer to the ‘string save’ problem may be found in this way. Neither would it be too difficult to turn it into a Basic module that


MACRO-80 3.35 Page

ld hi, (var) ld de,(vart) rst scal defb "I"

rst scal defb "Z" nop

1d hl, (ramhit) 1d (ramhi) ,h1 ld h1,(var) ld be, (nvarl1) ade hi,be

ld ($var),hl 1d h1,(var) 1d be,(varl) ade hl,bc

1d (ramlo) ,hl 1d hi, (vari) 1d de,(var) rst scal

defb "I"

ret scal

defb "2"


MACRO-80 3.35 Page

10C3 ODOO ons2


provide a ‘string save’ and ‘string load’ within Basic.




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