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September 1980 – January 1981 · Issue 2

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Reviewers always try to find some criticism to show that they are unbiased, but in this case, I give up.

The Parkinson Basic Toolkit is reasonably priced at:
14.95 inc. VAT, and is available from
Henry’s Radio, ___, _______ ____, London __ ‘ED.


Scurrilous Mustres

by Guy Klueless

With the recent setting up of the West London chapel of the Mafia (migration from North London perhaps ?), it’s certainly put the frighteners on one West London Nascom distributor, who is in the throes of revamping his (not so efficient) mailorder service to meet this new competition. If the Mafia are true to form, there should be an interesting undeclared price war breaking out in that area shortly.

One London dealer has recently had his knuckles rapped by Nascom for (unintentionally, he says) ‘ripping off’ Nascom software. Because of the difficulty of protecting software in law, I wonder exactly what threat was used ?

Nascoms’ design team, which was scattered to the winds around the time the Receiver appeared have got together and started a new company called Specialist Micro Design. Best of luck lads !! The interesting bit is that ex-Nascom Sales Director and past INMC President Kerr Borland is on the list of directors. Now Kerr hag recently formed a promotions company (the name of which I forget, thats good promotion for you); all that is now required is to throw in ex-Nascom MD John Marshall, and we’ve got Nascom back with the old team. Hmmmm !!!

Incedental intelligence recently revealed that the chairman of the Tangerine Computer Users Group is seriously thinking about buying a Nascom 2. Go on lad, then we’ll show you how to write a User’s Group magazine as well.

A recent issue of Datalink credits Tony Rundle with having designed the Nascom 2. All Nascom owners with Basic know Tony, he’s the one who left those bugs in the Basic, even after he was told about them. Just as well he didn’t have anything to do with the rest of it. If my initials were C.S. or D.R.W., I’d be round at my lawyers right now.

I hear that the INMC have had a bit of stick after the last issue. One disgruntled member sent a curt note to the effect that if the INMC is as hard up as they say they are, why waste space by publishing rubbish like that spoof readers’ letter by the chairman, David Hunt (spelt backwards) and silly things like Lawrence. Well a spokesman for the INMC committee made this point:

They had hoped for 5 pages of ads which did not appear, so as the printers must have things in blocks of 4 pages, 3 pages were left unused.
Those items were included to fill the extra space, and a bit of light relief isn’t a bad idea, most members appreciate it.

He also muttered under his breath that he’d looked in the writer’s envelope about ten times and still didn’t find any article for consideration for the magazine. On that score, if they decide to stop printing rubbish, they might decide to stop printing my bit, and that would never do.

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