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September 1980 – January 1981, Issue 2

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0 EXPAND. Inserts spaces into a program to make it more readable. It does not touch spaces within REMs or inside quotes.
1 COMPRESS. The opposite of the above.
2 REMDEL. Same as 1, but also removes all REM lines.
3 RENUMBER. Renumber lines starting at 10 in increments of 10. The starting number can be changed by DOKE 3709,X and the increment changed by DOKE 3720,Y. Undefined line references are renumbered /999/ and may be located using the find command. Any renumbering errors are liable to corrupt the program.
4 INKEY2. The keyboard status is returned as the variable assigned to the USR call. This has a repeat action as long as the key is depressed.
5 INKEY1. As above but with no repeat action. Both 4 and 5 return 0 if no key is depressed.
6 FIND. On calling you are prompted with F? You may enter the functions you wish to find, either alphabetic or numeric or a combination of both, terminated by an ‘ENTER’. The lines containing the data required is listed on the screen N lines at a time, where N has been set by the LINES command. Default is 5.
7 SAVES. Save a string array.
8 LOADS. Reloads a string array.


The documentation is poor. Operation and use are good. Shame there is no LINK function instead of INKEY2. Overall very good value for money.

The tape is available from A. Watkins, 12, Merton Close, Maidenhead, Berks. Price 6.00.

interface components

Interface Components stocks a full range of Nascom products and peripherals suitable for use with Nascom 1 or 2. In addition to this wide range of product we have the following items at highly competitive prices.

NAS-SYS 3 in 2x2708 (N1) or 1x2716 (N2) – 25.00 + VAT (p&p 35p)
MK36271 8K BASIC ROM – 20.00 + VAT (p&p 35p)
IMP Ribbon cartridges – 6.60 + VAT (p&p 50p)
Fan fold paper (2000 sheets) – 18.00 + VAT (p&p 2.50)
Nascom tester for Nascom 1 and 2 – 55.00 + VAT (p&p 1.50)
  This board connects to the N1 pcb or the NASBUS and monitors all bus lines.
Machine code programming for the Nascom 1 AND 2 – 4.50 (No VAT. 50p p&p)
  This book takes the reader step by step through most of the impressive Z80 instruction set, with particular reference to the Nascom.
The CP/M Handbook by Rodney Zaks – 8.95 (No VAT. 75p p&p)
  An introduction to the use of CP/M equipped computers, and a reference text. Recommended for those adding CP/M to their Nascom.
Programming the Z80 by Rodney Zaks – 9.75 (No VAT. 1.00 p&p)
  A thorough introduction to Z80 machine language programming, from basic concepts to advanced data structures and techniques.

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