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September 1980 – January 1981, Issue 2

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and guaranteed after-sales service


with one ortwo 54” drives (FD250 double sided, single density) giving 160K per crive, controller card, power supply, interconnects from Nascom 1 or 2 tothe FOC card anda

The disc unit comes fully assembied completa

second interconnect from the FDC card to two

BUILT FLOPPY DISC SYSTEM FOR NASCOM 1/2 FROM £395:+VAl It’s here at last. A floppy disc system and CP/M. drives, CP/M 1.4 on diskette plus manual,

a BIOS EPROM and new N2MD PROW.All ina stylish enclosure.

Nascom 2 Single drive system. £450 + Vat Nascom 2 Double drive system£640 + Vat Nascom 1 Single drive system. £460 + Vat Nascom 1 Double drive system£650 + Vat Additlonal FD250 drives ....... £205 + Vat


The disc unit’s also available without

CP/M fo enable existing Nas-Sys sofware to be used. Simple read, write routines are supplied In EPROM. The unit plugs straight into the Nascom PIO.

Single drive system ........... £395 + VAT (please state which Nascom the unit is for) Certain parts of the CP/M and D-DOS

disc systems are available in kit form. Details availabie on request.



The Kenilworth case Is a professional case designed specificatly for the Nascom 2 and up to five additional 8” x8” cards. It has hardwood side panels and a plastic coated steel base and cover.A fully cut back panel will accept a fan, UHF and video connectors and up fo 8 D-type connectors. The basic case accapts the N2 f board, PSU and keyboard. Optional support kits are available for 2. ond 5 card expansion.

Kenilworth case £49.50 + Vat


The Castie Interface is a built and tested add-on unit which lifts the Nascorm 2 info the class of the fully professional computer. It mutes spurious output from cassette recorder switching, adds motor control facilities, automatically switches output between cassette ond printer, simplifies 2400 baud cassette opening, and provides true RS232 handshake

Castle intertace Unit .. £47.50. vat


The Nasbus compatible EPROM board accepts upto 32,2716 or 16,2708 EPROMs. Ithas

a separate socket for the MK36271 8K BASIC ROM for the benefit of Nascom-1 users.And for Nascom-2 users, a wait state for slower

|| EPROMs.The board also supports the Nascom Fi Page Mode Scheme.

E EPROM Board (kif)............ £55. Vat EPROM Board (built & tested) £704 Vat

For really interesting and useful interactions with the ‘outside world’ the Milham analogue to digital converter is a must. This 8-bit converter is multiplexed between four channels- all sofware selectable Sampling rate is 4KHz.Sensitivity ts adjustable. Typicat applications include temperature measurement, voice analysis, joystick tracking and voltage measurement.It is supplied built and tested with extensiva software and easy connection to the Nascom PIO Mitham A-D Converter (buttandtested) £49.50. vat

NASCOM-2 Microcomputer Kif £225 + Vat NASCOM-1 Microcomputer Kit £125 + Vat

Built & tested £140 + Vat IMP Printer. Built & tested ..... £325 + Vat

All prieas ore correct af time of going to press.

16 The Square, Kenilworth, Warks. Tel:(0926) 512127.

Egham, Surrey TW20 OHB. Tel:(0784) 33603. Thx:264475. Tel: (02403) 22307 .1Ix:837788.

PROGRAMMER’S AID. For Nascom ROM BASIC running under Nas-Sys Supplied in 22708 EPROMSs. Features include: auto line numbering; intelligent renumbering: program appending; line deletion, hexadecimal conversion; recompression of reserved words; auto repeat; and printer handshake routines. Price £28 + Vat.

DUAL MONITOR BOARD. A piggy-back board that allows Ni users to switch rapidly between two separate operating systams Price (kif): £6.50- Vat.

All the products ave available while stocks last from the Nascom dealers below. (Mail order enquirers should telephone for delivery dates and post and packing costs.) Access & Barclaycard welcome.


_ ________ ________._. Yorks. 680 BurnageLane,Bumage, __ _________,_______ ___ ___. Tel:(____) _____. Manchester ___ ___. Tel:(____) ______

BUSINESS & LEISURE Tal:(061) 432 4945. INTERFACE COMPONENTS LID. MICROCOMPUTERS 28 St Judes,Englefield Green, Oakfield Corner,Sycamore Road,

Amersham, Bucks.

BASIC PROGRAMMER’S AID. Supplied on tape for N1/2 running Nas-Sys and Nascom ROM BASIC, Features include auto line number, full cross-reference listing, delete ings, find, compacting command, plus a comprehensive line e-numbering facility Price: £134 Vat.


2708 (multi-rail) and 2716 (single-rail) EPROM programmer kit controlled by N1/2 PIO Supplied with comprehensive software for use with Nas-Sys. Price: £25.95 + Vat.


404 Edgware Road, London W2. Tel:(01) 402 6822. Tix:262284 (quote ref:1400)

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