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February–April 1981, Issue 3

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Meanwhile back at the space invaders game, I wrote my version about a year ago after I got my programmable graphics board working. As I had spent a lot of time getting arcade quality graphics on the game, I wanted to make sure it responded correctly to the keyboard move and fire buttons (hold to move, fire while moving etc). I have included below a simplified version of the main loop of the program at the point where the keyboard is checked. Controls are Z=left, X=right, NEWLINE=fire:

I hope this bit of code will be of use to anyone working on shooting games, like invaders.

Yours faithfully,

D. Ritchie.


Following Mr J-B.Hawkes letter in INMC80-2, it has been brought to our attention that D.J.Software are no longer trading, and consequently the ZEAP patch tape is no longer available.

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

Page 13 of 55