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May–September 1981 · Issue 4

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to the Ed.

Lucas Logic Ltd
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Wedgnock Industrial Estate
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Warwick (____) ______
27 May 1981

Dear INMC80,

I’ve no doubt that you have heard before receiving this newsletter the news about the takeover of Nascom Microcomputers by Lucas Logic Ltd. Many magazines and newspapers carried the story and it was heartening to see how many thought it was worth front page treatment. Obviously we did not buy Nascom just to get into the newspapers but we were struck by the almost universal good wishes bestowed on us for keeping Nascom alive.

Before making our bid for Nascom we evaluated the products thoroughly (helped of course by Nascom users on the staff) and it was obviously too good a computer to let go. This view was supported by the fact that there is such an active users club and so many dealers still supplying parts and service.

So we know we have a good computer, a loyal distributor network and thousands of satisfied customers. Where to now? Well apart from knowing that Nascom had a lot to offer us we felt that we could offer Nascom a vigorous future, not just in its traditional markets but in industry and business. Please don’t feel that we are going to concentrate solely on industrial users and ignore the enthusiasts. Here in Warwick we have the capability to do a lot with Nascom, in all directions and without falling flat on our faces because we have stretched ourselves too far.

What is in store then? We don’t want to release too much information just yet but there are a number of products which we hope you will see quite soon. First a twin floppy disk system which Nascom had started to work on but receivership had prevented from progressing. There will also be some new boards such as a colour board. We intend that it should be possible to buy a Nascom board ready assembled and also a Nascom assembled in a cabinet. There are some very good enclosures around, the Kenilworth case being particularly suitable; there will still be a need for specific enclosures for particular needs. However to improve the general appeal of the Nascom computer a fully enclosed version is needed. Perhaps the most important development to keep us up in the running will be to ensure that the Nascom computer is compatible with the BBC microcomputing series in January 1982. Launch dates for all these products are still being worked out but we fully intend to have them all available this year.

As you can see we are working hard with Nascom and we intend to remain among the leaders in microcomputing. Obviously we will support INMC80 with information, but what is all this about rival computers in the INMC80 News? We fully support the principle of compatible products and we are about to launch a Nascom approved scheme for the best. But if INMC80 News wishes to back rival products as well then it should rename itself “Practical Computing” or similar appropriate name. Give us a chance Mr Chairman and if then we foul it up you can include every widgit that you fancy.

Having got that off my chest I must say that I am pleased to write my first letter to the INMC80 News and I hope that it will not be the last one. We will welcome your letters too; Ken Jones our Sales Manager would like to hear from you.

John N S Deane
General Manager

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