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May–September 1981 · Issue 4

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blocks of seperate read and write, or 8K blocks of R/W memory, working on the memory decode signals), or to enable banks of memory. In this way, a single card could have all 4 banks addressed to the same 16k, and the software would only enable one at a time. This would allow programs to use this area as fast disk space. Or as “protected” space for saving back-up copies of programs you have just written but not tested (you know … the ones that write all over memory for you in less time than it takes to hit reset).

System Growth Outstrips Psu

My intention is to go over to a complete RAM system with a disk and an operating system. CP/M would be nice but I think the investment too high at the moment. I would have to throw away all my current software, unless someone wants to make an offer for my firmware. (Cost was about 200.00+VAT).

My latest addition has been a 12inch monitor which replaces a borrowed B/W TV I used to think was quite good until I got this. I am now thinking of shoe-horning my N2 into the box, as there is just room if ..... the whole problem is the noisy fan that I must have to keep the smell of burning off the 3A psu which is giving its all. If I build a new 5A psu on the back panel then maybe the rest will fit inside and I can throw away the noisy fan.

One mod I would like to see is an 80 by 24 line screen so that I can see what I am getting with NAS-PEN. (Just read this issue, but the snag is a new NAS-PEN. Ed.)

Rename the bus, NASty-BUSiness. You could have it on your adds – writ large, so to speak.

Keep up the good work, it wouldn’t be the same without INMC80 coming out with so many goodies.

Richard Bateman.
Algiers, Algeria.


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