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May–September 1981, Issue 4

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blocks of seperate read and write, or 8K blocks of R/W memory, working on the memory decode signals), or to enable banks of memory. In this way, a single card could have all 4 banks addressed to the same 16k, and the software would only enable one at a time. This would allow programs to use this area as fast disk space. Or as “protected” space for saving back-up copies of programs you have just written but not tested (you know ... the ones that write all over memory for you in less time than it takes to hit reset).


My intention is to go over to a complete RAM system with a disk and an operating system. CP/M would be nice but I think the investment too high at the moment. I would have to throw away all my current software, unless someone wants to make an offer for my firmware. (Cost was about 200.00+VAT).

My latest addition has been a 12inch monitor which replaces a borrowed B/W TV I used to think was quite good until I got this. I am now thinking of shoe-horning my N2 into the box, as there is just room if ..... the whole problem is the noisy fan that I must have to keep the smell of burning off the 3A psu which is giving its all. If I build a new 5A psu on the back panel then maybe the rest will fit inside and I can throw away the noisy fan.

One mod I would like to see is an 80 by 24 line screen so that I can see what I am getting with NAS-PEN. (Just read this issue, but the snag is a new NAS-PEN. Ed.)

Rename the bus, NASty-BUSiness. You could have it on your adds – writ large, so to speak.

Keep up the good work, it wouldn’t be the same without INMC80 coming out with so many goodies.

Richard Bateman.
Algiers, Algeria.



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