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May-September 1981, Issue 4

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VARIABLES: integer:range +/-65535 real:ranges +/- 0-1469 E-38 to +/- 0.1701 E+39 character:ASCIL OPERATORS : integer: + – * DIV MOD real: +-% / real(non-standard):** {exponentiation} boolean: NOT = <> < > <= >= FUNCTIONS : integer:ABS SQR integer-real:ROUND TRUNC real:ABS SQR SQRT SIN COS ARCTAN LN EXP real(non-standard):RCPL SIND COSD ARCTAND {degrees} LOG {to base ten} integer-char:ORD CHR PROCEDURES: value and variable parameters CONTROLS: BEGIN – END REPEAT – UNTIL WHILE – DO FOR – TO/DOWNTO – DO IF – THEN IF + THEN -— ELSE INPUT /OUTPUT: READ READLN EOLN WRITE WRITELN: expressions and character strings

OTHER: Comments are supported, as is recursive syntax.

This package runs in 16k. It includes a system bootstrap, the MAPP 1-4Z floating point package, MAPP extension, Pascal interpreter and compiler and a screen editor. It compiles to compact, relocatable MAPP code. The editor required is also supplied.

ACCURACY: Eight significant figures, one before the decimal point.


3. HISOFT NASPAS HISOFT Ltd., 60 Hallam Moor,

Liden, oWindon SN3 OLS

Cost 35.00

CONSTANTS: Identifiers may be specified as constants and assigned to numeric values, character values or the values TRUE and FALSE Predefined constants: MAXINT = 32767 {largest integer} TRUE or FALSE: Boolean constants ON OFF INVERT: Identifiers of type COLOUR

TYPES: INTEGER: -32768 to +32767 REAL: 7 significant figures, 3.402825 E38 to 5.87747 E-39 BOOLEAN: TRUE AND FALSE CHAR: 256 characters ARRAY: arrays, with elements of any type SET:of any simple TYPE COLOUR: used in conjunction with Nascom block graphics


OPERATORS: assignment: := arithmetic: +, -, *, DIV, MOD, / relational: = <> < > <- >= IN

logical: NOT OR AND set: + – * FUNCTIONS: Predefined functions:ABS CHR EOLN INCH ODD ORD

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