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October–December 1981 · Issue 5

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upon your resources. If the Nascom Fayre is a success, then an INMC convention could become a possibility. But please keep it on a commercial basis (non-profitmaking if you like). We don’t like to feel we are sponging on the generosity of a couple of members.

A number of letters ask for details of Nascom clubs, sorry folks, we don’t know who they are, as they seem as reticent about publicity as we are accused of being. Let us know who and where you are and we’ll try and collate them into a list.

I’ve obviously read all the letters relating to the bus debate, and many members thank me personally ‘for all my hard work’. Well this doesn’t send me off on an ego-trip, as I know full well that there is one other whose name rarely appears in print and who does not often write bits for the mag, yet, whose contribution is equal to many times my effort. That is Paul Greenhalgh our Editor/​Secretary. All the initial sorting of mail, editing, distribution, filtering of rubbish, subscriptions, paste up, getting it printed, you name it, have all been his doing. All I do is spend a few evenings a month at the computer typing, and taking the occasional decision. Paul does the rest. Whereas, I devote, say 20 – 30 hours a month, Paul’s task is often daily, and not surprisingly, he’s getting a little frayed around the edges. Reluctantly, he feels he’s done his share, and has tendered his resignation. I can not say that Paul will be impossible to replace. For this mag to continue, he has to be replaced. But I suspect that no one person will be able cover the workload that Paul has so readily accepted for nearly three years. I have already approached a few people to see who is willing, and I suspect the committee will end up with a triumvirate of secretaries instead of one. This will be markedly less efficient, but I can see we have little choice. If you have a lot of time to spare (for no money) and are dedicated to computing, live north Londonish, are efficient, and can be left alone to work without supervision (and get it right), then please apply. In the mean time, thank you Paul, on behalf of us all, I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.

Well that’s the lot for this time. Any more comments on the bus debate are welcome, although the course is becoming clear. By the time you receive this the Committee will have been shuffled, and the next issue will be in the hands of those new members who will have been co-opted to replace Paul. Again, our thanks to Paul for all his hard work.

D. R. Hunt.

Chairman’s bit post script.

As you may have gathered, the above was written sometime towards the end of September (it’s so long ago I forget exactly when), with every intention of creating an October newsletter. Since then other things have intervened and we haven’t had time to put it to bed. The delay over the last fortnight has been my fault, finding time to type up the debate letters. Well I’ve sat down tonight to finish it off, and with luck it’ll be off to the printers just the right side of December. My apologies. Whilst I’m at it, I wish you all a very happy Christmas.

With apologies,

D. R. Hunt.

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