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October–December 1981, Issue 5

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Nascom Microcomputers
Lucas Logie Limited
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5 October 1981

INMC 80 News
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Dear Sirs

I am writing to you in response to the letter from Mr Scadden published in Issue 4 of INMC 80 News. We knew that Nascom owners are enthusiasts, but building three in a week is certainly rather unusual. Keep up the good work!

Regarding the points made by Mr Scadden we would like to make our position clear as the new owners of Nascom.

1. All Nascom manuals used to be produced by photocopying, and as a result the occurrence of angled pages was not unknown. Since we have taken over we have been modifying and restructuring parts of the manual, and have in the process converted to a printing process for the entire manual. This will eliminate the problem described, but in the meantime anyone with faulty pages supplied by ourselves will be sent new copies of the page concerned on request.

2. Any components in Nascom kits which were faulty on delivery will be replaced free of charge by the dealer from whom the kit was purchased. Faulty boards have been known to occur occassionally in the past, but we hope that we have now managed to eliminate this problem. Any such faults should be taken up with the dealer from whom the equipment was purchased, who can contact us on the subject if necessary.

As both I and the Editor have indicated problems should be dealt with in the first instance by the dealer who supplied the equipment, since it is much easier to resolve such matters in person rather than via the telephone. However, if you feel you are not receiving fair treatment you can of course contact us subsequently.

Finally I can assure Mr Scadden and other readers that there are some interesting new products in the pipeline – depending on the date of issue of the next copy of INMC 80 News they may already be available . Like Mr Scadden I look forward to receiving my INMC 80 newsletters.

Yours faithfully

Mike Hessey
Technical Manager

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