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October–December 1981 · Issue 5

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Now as regards alternative main boards and systems, I know that interest and hope during the past year, of any future, has depended a great deal on the INMC committee, but also on those who now wish to follow parallel commercial paths. The membership owe them some support. Would it be possible to open a ‘Compatible System’ section at the rear of the mag to allow these to be commented on and advertized. The size of this section could increase (or decrease) dependent on the future related membership, subscription fee, increased committee size to deal with the increased work load, etc. No doubt Lucas would object to competitive adverts, but competition is good for inspiration and could only benefit future customers, which, in part will become part of the future membership. ––– Unless, that is, Lucas intend offer us all discounts, or something for exclusive rights!! –––

Yours sincerely
Eric Downs.


Dear Ed,

Having galvanized myself into action, I have a couple of comments to make.

Nasbus (80-BUS ? etc)Yes
Nascom onlyNo

If the opinion need justification, then I feel that most Nascom owners want the most from their machines and hence need to know about products as many sources as possible. Lucas may be wonderful (correction: wonderful, they bought Nascom) and should obviously be given a chance, then so should Winchester Technology, Gemini, Arfon, I/O Devices, etc.


Yours sincerely,
Paul Wilson


Dear Sirs,


1) INMC80 is and should remain primarily a Nascom users magazine/​club.

2) It follows that all peripheral products using Nasbus/80-BUS or the Nascom serial or parallel interfaces and all software compatible with Nascom, whoever makes or markets them should fall within the scope of INMC80.

3) Other computers following very closely on Nascom software and hardware conventions may be included if the arguments proposed are relevant to Nascom users. Other computers using the same bus but not the same hardware/ software conventions should be excluded.

Yours faithfully,
A. J. Fry


Dear Sir,

By all means support the Nasbus, but keep the INMC80 Nascom. I thoroughly agree with John N. S. Deane when he says that supporting rival products would mean becoming like all the other computing mags.

Finally, it seems strange that INMC80 is considering dropping Nascom (well almost) when Program Power are launching a new Nascom only magazine a mere 95p a copy.

Staunch Nascom Fan,
G. C. Claypole

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