INMC 80 News


October–December 1981, Issue 5

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Switch off. Insert the Character Generator into its place on the Graphics board. Switch on. Your Nascom should now work normally but if you try to put Graphics characters on the screen you will get white rectangles. If you try to display a single graphics character or alternate spaces and rectangles then it may not display properly. This is normal.

Switch off and insert your expensive Graphics ROM. This time when power is applied it should work perfectly.

Parts needed:

1 81L897 or 81LS95
1 74LS00
2 24 Pin DIL sockets
1 20 Pin   "       "
1 16 Pin DIL Plug
1 luF Tant. bead Capacitor 10 v

1 Graphics ROM
1 Ribbon cable
1 14 Pin DIL socket
1 16 Pin   "       "
1 24 Pin DIL Plug
1 0.01 uF Ceramic Disc Capacitor


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Page 21 of 71