Winter 1978 · Issue 1

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  1. Load the routine using the ‘M’ Command.
  2. Execute a copy: C0C62 0C4D 03 ‘NL’
  3. After the copy do not use the ‘Reset’ until the tape load has been completed. If the ‘Reset’ is used the copy must be repeated.
  4. Load as normal by ‘L’ ‘NL’.

Note: This program can be located anywhere in user RAM by suitable modification of line 11 and the copy (Instruction 2)


Following a ‘Reset’ the monitor program loads the scratchpad RAM locations 0C4E & F with the address 0069. When the ‘L’ command is executed the monitor obtains the address of the routine to be used from 0C4E & F (normally 0069) and executes this routine. By use of the copy command to modify the address held in 0C4E & F, the monitor calls the modified load routine written in user RAM. Consequently, use of the reset must be avoided immediately following the copy as this would cause 0069 to be placed back in the scratchpad, and the normal load routine would be executed.

This routine is suggested for systems where a poor rate of loading has been experienced, our demonstration system has achieved a 100% success rate following the use of this routine.

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