Spring 1979 · Issue 2

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Chairman’s Letter.

A few weeks ago Kerr Borland of Nascom approached us and asked if we would be interested in forming a committee to run the INMC; so after a most undemocratic election (each proposing the other and voting despite the protests of the nominee), we reluctantly agreed to become the committee until such time as a more democratic method could be adopted. In return for Kerr’s generosity in suggesting we become the committee, we landed him with the job as President.

So, having taken the job let us introduce ourselves:

Kerr BorlandNascom Sales DirectorPresident
Dave HuntA Nascom DistributorChairman
Richard BealSystems analyst/​consultantSoftware-co-ordinator
Howard BirkettFilm EditorHardware co-ordinator
Paul GreenhalghNascom EngineeringGeneral dogsbody

So our first job was to define the aims of the INMC, which we set out as follows:

  1. That the INMC should be self-supporting; which would allow the INMC to be reasonably independent of the manufacturer.
  2. To distribute hardware and software information about Nascom as cheaply as possible, consistent with making the INMC self-supporting.
  3. To do this by means of a software library and newsletter.
  4. That the library and mailing address for the INMC should remain as Nascom Microcomputors at Berkhamsted, and that Nascom would publish and distribute the newsletter.

We would like the newsletter to contain news and information that members might consider of interest to other members, as well as software and hardware notes. We would also like to set up a ‘Problems Page’ to answer specific questions that might be of interest to other members. So send in your articles, problems, moans, praise etc, Nascom will forward them to the appropriate members of the committee for editing and inclusion in the newsletter.

Remember, the more feedback we get from members, the more lively (and more frequent) the newsletter will become. So to sum up, this is your newsletter, USE IT!!!

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