Summer 1979, Issue 3

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INMC NEWS issue 3

I must say that the immediate response to the second newsletter was very encouraging and 99% of the people were enthusiastic. The usual three people did not like it but I hope they will like this one.

The Committee has so far only really produced the newsletters but I hear rumour that they are about to generate some new ideas. One small problem with the Committee is that in January, when it was formed, its members were independent users but since that time the majority of them have become Nascom employees. They are still as critical but slightly more biased. Therefore, I ask again for people to write in who are willing to be part of either the main Committee under David Hunt’s guidance as Chairman, or who would help on a regional capacity as, for example, the INMC Officer in their local computing club. Many clubs that I know of are now getting a large number of Nascom users but none of them, as far as I am aware, have an INMC Official.

Also, I do feel that, sceptical or not, more of you could have made an effort to support Hunt and his cronies and sent in more letters or ideas or programs or engineering tips. Trying to produce a magazine without this kind of help from the outside is bloody difficult and if you want to have an INMC then start helping yourselves.

On a happier note, I was really pleased with the response to the competition in which we got some incredible programs and you will see the results and the winner’s name in this issue. I am quite prepared to put up prizes for competitions as long as people are willing to enter them sensibly.

Lastly, I would suggest that Nascom users when going to buy product buy it from their local Distributor and support him, otherwise in many areas you will not have a local Distributor at all. If you all want to buy from one central warehouse, I feel that you will lose the personal value that you all seem to feel is most important.

Kerr Borland
INMC President

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