Autumn 1979 · Issue 4

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“We Deplore The Absence
Of An Index”

Times Literary Supplement

Also to be found littered about the pages of this jour­nal:

Little known facts that nobody seems to care about–the editor has scraped out his brain and kindly donated the result

This newsletter contains only the finest materials and workpersonship. The editor has at his disposal advanced equipment such as tins of spray-glue and trendy penknives. The publishers therefore consider that any comments made upon the straightness of the layout and accuracy of the typing are so made with malice aforethought, probably by rival publishers; such comments will therefore be fed without further let or hindrance to the office goat.

INMC4 is not colour-fast and should therefore not be washed with other rags.

This issue of inmc news is guaranteed free from smut, scandal, naughty words, naughtier pictures, anything related to the editor’s week in copenhagen, swearing etc etc; verified by longford-whitehouse cybernetic smut-smasher and erotica eraser (kindly lent by the science museum).

“We deplore complaints”

The Editor

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