Autumn 1979 · Issue 4

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An interesting letter from Alan Inleson, of __, _____ ______, Great Horton, Bradford, ___ ___, who signs himself as ‘a true Nascomaniac’. These are some extracts. (Well it was a long letter, and the Editor has to earn his keep).

Connect the master RESET of the UART (pin 21) to port 0, say pin 14 of IC41. Then use this simple program to switch the UART on or off.

3E 20       LD A, #20
CD 53 00    CALL FLIP

Pressing RESET will always enable the UART.

A simple mod to ‘Lollypop Lady’ (the mystery program in INMC 2 Newsletter) so that ‘newline’ restarts the program.

DE9  CD 50 0C

C50  CD 69 00
C53  FE IF
C55  C0
C56  31 00 10
C59  00 00 00 00 00 00 00

Finally, he would like to know of anybody who has an 8 track paper tape reader they wish to sell, he says he can find the cash if the price is right.

Expanding your NASCOM

Here is an extract from R. A. Brassington, of Wimbledon ____. Remember, we asked for moans in INMC News 2, well we dealt with one last time, here’s another.

“My moan I feel may apply to other users. This is my first venture into micro-computers – at least in hardware terms, and I decided to get myself a system with about 16K words. Working only from magazine adverts, I tried to order the bits I thought I needed.”

“Even after the arrival of most of the bits, I still have not had any guidance on expanding the system with Nascom products. I think it would be very useful to supply with each kit (we presume he means ‘with each Nascom 1/2 kit.’ Ed.) a brief description of the expansion units and assemblies. It would save others the frustration that I have had, to find that after ordering a Nascom memory card and buffer board, I am still lacking a mother board. Etc.”

It’s a good idea, putting a products list in Nascom Kits, we’ll pass that one on to Nascom. However your real course would be to seek the advice of someone competent. Your local dealer is probably the best person. From personal experience, don’t write, phone. I bet you didn’t know that to answer the sort of questions that this letter raises would take a three page letter, and dictating and getting it typed really costs ‘a bomb’. Most likely the dealer would simply bung a leaflet in the post and leave it at that.

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