Christmas 1979, Issue 5

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I am sure that you all feel as I do that a vote of thanks should be extended to David Hunt and his Committee for creating a sensible INMC giving increasing value for money throughout 1979. Also we must single out Paul Greenhalgh for the work he has done as Editor. In an organisation like the INMC, the Editor’s task is not an enviable one and Paul has accepted the responsibility – the standard of the INMC News is in itself a tribute to the amount of work that he has put into the job.

To have managed this Bumper issue by Christmas was,I assure you,a marathon task and again it is an improvement on the last issue. No little thanks of course must go to yourselves. We are receiving material from all over Europe and instead of having difficulty in finding things to include, we are starting to have difficulty in choosing what to include from what we have been sent.

This is going to be another long Christmas and I hope many of you will receive, or buy yourselves, expansion for your Nascoms. Many of you will have new Nascom 2’s and I look forward to receiving a bumper post in January with programmes written over the holiday period, which we can include in our first issue in 1980.

Nascom has many plans for 1980 and I think all of you next year will end up with expanded systems in various forms. The value of the INMC is becoming very apparent even within independant hobby clubs and I hope having started so well in 1979 that the INMC will become a major Z80 Users Group and Library.

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

K.S. Borland

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