Christmas 1979, Issue 5

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So having got the sordid business over…

WELCOME ALL NAS­COM 2 OWNERS. We’re afraid that there isn’t much in this edition (except ‘ELIZA’) to interest you, but we won’t forget you just because Nascom haven’t given us our free issue N2’s yet nudge, nudge (some chance!). We’ll be publishing bits about N2’s as they come along, and about 10 8K Basic progs will be in the library by the time you see this. Just in case you haven’t already guessed, this is your magazine, and all contributions are gratefully received, if not necessarily printed. So keep it all coming.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, parts of last months news letter, and bits of this have been prepared using the new Naspen text processor, then typed using a secondhand IBM terminal, it’s not bad is it? Also, just in case you hadn’t noticed, there is more than one Editor, that’s why this rag suffers from a plethera of different styles. It is our plan to issue Naspen to all those concerned, that way all we need do is collect all the tapes together, then type them all on the IBM at one time.

Well this is the end of another late night editorial session. Time for bed, and dreams of the new super ‘Inter-Galactic Bar Billiards’ program, using real planets as balls (now I bet that will be an exhilarating experience for someone) and to wish all our readers Good Night, I mean Happy Christmas, and Happy Computing.

From us on the INMC Committee.


The Merseyside Nascom Users Group, some 150 strong, has put together a 64 page, A4 book entitled “Nascom Programs and Information”. The main part of the book is dedicated to the programs, some 15 in all including:

3D noughts and crosses       Othello       Income Tax
Screenwriter       Pico Pilot       Crash Landing

Plus the complete listing for a 2K Tiny Basic.

The INMC is able to offer these to its members for £2-75 including postage and packing. Please note that the programs in this book are for use with Nasbug T1, T2, T4 and B-Bug but not Nas-Sys. For use with Nas-Sys the various monitor calls require changing, and other patching (e.g. changing all codes to ASCII) may be required.

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