Christmas 1979, Issue 5

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To finish with this program do a reset.

Yours faithfully
D Tucker
Long Ditton

Thanks Mr Tucker we’re sure this will be very useful in helping people load their Free Progs.

We have received one letter that complains that all we talk about are Nascom products! Well this is true, as we can only speak about what we have got.

Please remember, we are a bunch of private individuals, whose pockets only stretch so far (and not as far as that if our wives are to be believed). So we can hardly talk about the latest ‘Um Yukee’ from Fred Bloggs & Co unless we buy one. We get a fair amount of co-operation from Nascom in terms of advance information about new products, but unless the independent manufacturers submit samples of products to Nascom (where we can lay our hands on them) or to ourselves, we are hardly in a position to review them. So our admitted ignorance of, say, the CC SOFT Basic is because none of us has a copy.

If you would like reviews of other products please write them. We will print them provided they are objective.

Last issue we had a look at the Bits and P.C.s graphics, this issue there is a review of the Comp S100 board. If you have any other non-Nascom add on, please send us your report – or a few free samples!!

STOP PRESS Comp S100 board did not meet printing deadline – see next issue.


Dear Sirs,

John Waddell, author of “Burst-the-Balloon” has written to me and pointed out an error in my “Road-Race” listing in the INMC library.

At 0CDE, I have written BO where I should have put OB! I’m very sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope you can change this, before sending out more copies?

May Babbage be with you,
Marcus Parker-Rhodes
London N4

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