February/March 1980 · Issue 6

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character corresponding to the code flashing will then be displayed. For use by the severely disabled. Commented teletype assembly listing.
By F. Butler, modified by D, Brough
T7JJ 0C50-0DE5£0.40
Enter the machine code listing of this (in INMC 3) before seeing how it works. Written as an experiment in machine code string handling, but entertaining never-the less. Commented teletype assembly listing.
By H. Birkett
T8Unizap 0D00-0F74£0.75
Recreate the life of the universe. Take it from the “big bang” to its “ultimate destiny” by shooting stars. Based on “Shooting Stars” in Byte magazine, May 1976. Commented teletype assembly listing.
Adapted by D. R. Brough
T9Random Buzz-Word Linker 0C50-0F35£0.50
Short of jargon? Then use this “Functional organisational flexibility” to give you “Limited transitional communication” in your “Balanced digital engineering”. Commented teletype assembly lisiting. Machine code published in INMC 4.
By D. Hunt and R. Beal
T10Quiz Program 0C50-0DAA£0.65
plus   Italian File 0DB0-0FD9
What is Italian for Please, or English for Fratello? Find out how good your Italian is with this quiz. Also additional files (e.g. Capitals, Cockney, Rhyming slang) available soon. Commented teletype assembly listing.
By M. Bell
T20Robots 0C70-0FE6£0.60
Six homicidal robots chasing you across a field of electrified pylons. The robots head directly towards you and so by careful movement you can persuade them to electrocute themselves on the pylons. Speed and difficulty selectable from cinch to impossible! Good instructions, teletype assembly listing, no comments.
By H. Birkett
T21T.V. Test Pattern 0D00-0D19£0.10
Displays test pattern of “+” symbols on screen to set up colour T.V. Well commented.
By R. Cogliatti
T22Nim 0D00-0FC4£1.20
The classic game of Nim. Nicely commented with good instructions.
By N. A. Purver
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