February/March 1980 · Issue 6

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T23Attack 0D00-0E7F£0.50
Shoot the descending aliens before they get you! Commenting fair.
By M. R. Perry
T24Octal To Hexadecimal Convertor 0D00-0DBC£0.25
Rejects all illegal input characters. Well commented.
By J. Hill
T25Space-Invasion 0C50-0FD2£1.20
Very similar to the game seen in many amusement arcades. As you get better, it gets harder. Addictive. Well commented.
By G. Clarke
T26Digital Clock 0D00-0D7B£0.30
Simple 24 hour digital clock (hours, mins., secs.) Nice demo of arithmetic and counter manipulation. Well commented but ties up processor 100%
By B. C. Winch
T27Roadrace 0C50-0FE0£0.85
Steer your car home with minimum damage. Choice of speed. Addictive. Well commented.
By M. Parker-Rhodes
T28Decimal To Hexadecimal Convertor 0C90-0D07£0.15
Nicely commented. Poor input validation. Positive numbers only.
By G. Harriman
T29Life 0C50-0FA0£0.60
The ubiquituous simulation of life, using special characters to give an expanded Universe. Works well, very fast, good instructions, well commented.
By J. Haigh
T30Moon-Lander 0C50-0FEC£1.50
Ingenious moon-landing program using keyboard as “crash-pad joystick”. Below 2500ft display expands to terrain map, and when you land, look out for those boulders. Well commented, good instructions, teletype assembly listing. INMC games competition winner – object code listing in INMC issue 3.
Submitted by N. Ray
T31Compact Ascii Editor 0F70-0FDF£0.15
Crude editor allowing ASCII characters to be located and changed. Well commented, good instructions. (Nice demo, not very practical).
By A. Fountain
T32Carre Chinois 0C50-0F3F£1.50
We have no idea what this game is or what it does (we ain’t French is we?) Totally written (and presumably (?) beautifully commented) in French.
By G. Bochent
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