April/May 1980, Issue 7

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S16 Memory Test 1 0F00-0F6F 0.15
Puts address related pattern throughout RAM and then checks it. Test thus reveals addressing errors.

S17 Memory Test 2 0F00-0F61 0.15
Tests that 00-FFH can be written to each location of memory. Test thus reveals bit faults.

S24 Octal to Hexadecimal Convertor 0C80-0CE8 0.15

S28 Decimal to Hexadecimal Convertor 0C80-0D2B 0.20
As T28 but with improved input validation.

S34 Random I-Ching Character Generator 0C80-0D25 0.15

S36 Sub-Search 0C80-0DA3 0.50

There are a lot more programs awaiting entry into the library, and we hope to include several new ones with each issue. If you have any programs of your own that you feel could interest others, please send them to us. Thank you.


We are pleased to receive programs in any shape or form for consideration for the library. All writers of programs added to the library receive a 5.00 voucher for use when purchasing library programs. The philosophy behind the library is to provide programs at as low a price as possible, so the only other reward offered is that of putting the writer’s name in print !

To assist us in adding the programs to the library as quickly as possible ft would be helpful if the following guidelines could be followed.

1. Include a statement of the program category. e.g. Assembler program for unexpanded Nascom with Nas-Sys, Super Tiny Basic program for 8K Nascom, etc.

2. Include a clear desciption of what the program does, and how to “drive” it.

3. Include the source text of the program, with comments.

4. Include a cassette of the program. (This will be returned if requested.)

Ideally (3) should be in Zeap format and (2) in Naspen format. This will particularly speed up the process, but failing this neat, legible listings will do very nicely thankyou.

We will attempt to check the programs for bugs, but cannot guarantee finding them ! Sometimes programs may be modified by us, but generally they will be as sent. It is assumed that by sending in a program you are giving us permission to reproduce and publish that program and its documentation.

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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