April/May 1980, Issue 7

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1NAS­COM 1 built c/w keyboard100.00
1Buffer Board built25.00
28K RAM Boards built c/w RAMS60.00each
1Set Tiny Bascic Eproms15.00
140 column, 7x5 dot matrix printer,
uses 3″ aluminised paper. 64 chars.
6 bit ASCII parallel input. c/w
8 rolls of paper.
Phone: D.Watson., Rochdale (____) _____.

Expanded Nascom System:
Nascom 2, 4x48K RAM boards, 4 double density, double sided mini floppies with control card, colour programmable high resolution graphics, I/O board, 8A psu, keyboard case. All professionally built and tested and installed in a rabbit hutch. Apply at any Nascom dealer and watch him cringe.

Nascom 32K extended memory card, compete with 16K of Dynamic RAM. Brand new and tested by Nascom, free of any bugs. Plugs straight into Nasbus. 110.00
Phone Vince : Walton-on-Thames _____

Computer paper tape. 7/8″ wide. 8″ diameter reels. As new. Offers.
Tape Punch (100 cps) and Reader (300 cps). Rack mounted. Offers.
Phone Derek : __-___ ____

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