Nascom Magazines

Between 1979 and 1989, a number of English publications were produced. These were centred on the Nascom range at first, then expanded to include all 80-BUS products, especially the Gemini range of boards and systems.

Timeline of magazines, taken from Richard Espley’s site

There is also an overall table of contents of Nascom magazines and another overall table of contents of German Nascom journals.


INMC News was the original magazine to support the Nascom pro­duct range.

INMC 80 News

After Nascom’s financial difficulties, INMC News was re-born as a magazine called INMC 80 News.


Another magazine appeared in parallel, Micropower.

80-Bus News

INMC 80 News mutated once more and became 80-Bus News.

Nascom Newsletter

Micropower became the Nascom Newsletter with the original issue numbers.

Scorpio News

80-Bus News changed once again and became Scorpio News.

80-BUS publications spanned nearly 12 years from simple Z80 computers to the rise of IBM PC compatibles. Here ends the 8 bit era.