Volume 1 · Number 2 · September 1981

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intend to, and what were his problems and their solutions?

Yours sincerely
D. W. M. Fawcett

* Surely one of our readers can answer some or all of these questions.

Dear Sir,

Could readers recommend a cassette recorder which will reliable record and play back at 2400 baud and which is available from a retail outlet in this country.

Yours Faithfully,
T. Richardson,

* I have used a Hitachi TRQ 295R for computer tapes since I got my Nascom, and it is very reliable at 2400 baud (it ‘almost’ worked at 4800 baud). It would be interesting to hear from readers on this one, so that we could get a consensus on the ‘most reliable’ recorder.

Dear Sir,

I was very interested in the ‘Snowdinger’ article in issue 1 of the magazine. I have a Nascom 2, and although screen disturbance is a minor problem it is nevertheless present. In fact. it seems to become more pronounced after the machine has been on for an hour or two. I’d be very glad to see a article for the Nascom 2.

Another hardware request: is there any simple way to recover the bottom two lines of the Nascom 2 graphics characters,

Yours faithfully,
M. Bisacre,

* Yes indeed there is. A modification, involving bending a few IC pins and adding half a dozen wire links, has been published in the Liverpool Software Gazette. It not only recovers the bottom lines, but also improves screen stability. Are enough people interested for us to get the original authors to write a short article for Micropower?

Dear Sir,

I would like to see published in the magazine information (or where to get it) on the keyboard supplied with the Nascom 2. As you know, there is no diagram or info in the kit, and I feel this could be of use to many N2 owners,

Yours faithfully,
P. Harvey

* The first article in this issue contains a circuit diagram of an ‘upgraded’ Nascom 1 keyboard, which is identical with the Nascom 2 keyboard.

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