Volume 2, Number 3 – July 1982

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Are Floppy Discs Too Expensive?

Way not consider the HOBBIT floppy tape? This Nascom approved product is fully automatic and uses the Philips Digital Cassette recorder with a data transfer speed of 750 bytes/sec! Each cassette can hold 101k bytes organised in up to 138 files!

Brief Summary Of Commands

When a file is required, the message “name” will be displayed after the command has been entered.

W Write a file
L Load a file into memory
R Read a program file and autostart
D Delete a file
C Change a file name
K Kill: Delete all the files
M Mount:Read index into memory

E End: Rewind cassette ready for removal
F Format a cassette
B Save a BASIC or NASPEN file
Z Save a ZEAP file
X Return to monitor
S Select a drive
T Transfer a file between drives

N List the names of all files and the number of free blocks

The HOBBIT operating system is supplied in a 2716 or two 2708s. It is compatible with all monitors. It can be supplied at any address you require. (D000 standard) Price £99 + VAT

Microsoft Basic Upgrade Kit

This enables BASIC to read and write HOBBIT files using “PRINT” and “INPUT” statements rather than PEEK and POKES. Price £10 + VAT

Why not find out more about these and other products by contacting David Tucker, Ikon Computer Products, ____ ____, Laugharne, Dyfed, Tel:___ ___-___

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