September 1982, Volume 2, Number 4

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Hore are two more ‘pretty picture’ plotting programe. the first is from fir. D-P. Jackson of Harworth, Ne. Doncaster.

10 CLS:Psa5sLe1:T=1:60T0 30 20 P=1803 T=2

30 Y=20: 2=a0:FOR W=1 TO 20:FOR C=1 TOP.

420 B=SIN(C) #Y+21:A=COS(C) #Z+4520N T GOSUB 110,120 50 NEXT: Y=aY-1;Z=2-2:NEXT:FOR D=i& TO STEP -5 60 FOR A“17-D TO 72+D:FOR B-D-1 TO 42-D

70 GOSUE 110:NEXT B,A,DsL=L+0.5:1F LC2 GOTO 30 Go IF Les THEN L=4:60T0 20

90 L=L-1s1F LoS THEN &=a31-1:P=45

100 GOTO. 30

110 E=POINT (A,B): 1F 120 SET (A,B) RETURN


The second offering comes from Mr. Ned. Thomas of Kings Lynn and 15 a8 follows.

10 CLSsHe9s: v=44 20 X1=H/ 2s X2=KL eK Es YIU /28Y2=0/4

30 FOR X=0 TO X1:X4=XexsMe-Vi

40 A=SOR (x2-X4)

50 FOR T=-a TO A STEP v/10

SO ReSOR (xaeT# 1) /X1

70 Fe(f-t) eSIN(Re12)2REM THIS TS THE LINE TO CHANGE 80 YaI/Serev2

90 1F Yom THEN 120

100 H=YsV=v1-Y

110 SET CLIX, 9) 2SET OS 4X, Y9

120 NEXT 1,X

450 END

fir. Thomas also points out that anyone who has a Nascom # and Econogeaphics will run inte probleme when trying to at the Bhowdinger (1) circuit. They both try and sit over the same Place. He suggests that Snowdinger be brought out on ribbon Cable to hang beside the PIO.

Finally, can anyone tre up the PIO pin outs of the Nascom 1 and 2/80 that the EPROM Programmer circuit can be built by Nascom 1 omers.

Besides articles for the magazine, these are the only two letters that I have had since the last issue. I don’t think that you are really trying. @ nice feature to add to the magazine Would be a permanent letters page in which we could set up a Problem and answer series, Fire away.

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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