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January–March 1987 – Volume 1. Issue 1.

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Welcome to the first issue of Scorpio News. We have agreed with Gemini that for current 80-BUS News subscribers, this newsletter represents the final issue of their subscriptions. We hope that you like it and that you will now subscribe to the rest of the 1987 issues of Scorpio News.

You will find that this first issue has considerable similarity to previous 80-BUS News issues. This is mainly due to the material, much of which was already in hand and was thus inherited along with the 80-BUS subscriptions. We hope that future issues of Scorpio News will start to take a slightly different form.

For administrative simplicity we have decided that subscriptions will always run to the end of a calendar year. This way all subscriptions fall due in December, regardless of when they start, considerably easing the task of issuing renewal forms. Obviously the rate for joining part way through the year will be reduced compared to that for the full year.

We apologize for the somewhat higher subscription rate of Scorpio News compared to 80-BUS News. This is in fact to your benefit! (80-BUS News and its predecessors (INMC and (INMC-80) were always directly supported by a manufacturer or dealer, varyingly Nascom, Interface Components and Gemini. Scorpio News it completely independent. There are three main effects of this.

One is that Editorial independence is, for the first time, totally guaranteed and the material in the newsletter will be unbiased towards any specific dealer of manufacturer – as in fact you should start to see in this issue.

The next effect is that time that should be being put into production of the newsletter will not be deflected into other efforts of the company providing the financial subsidies.

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