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January–March 1987 – Volume 1. Issue 1

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bytes indicated by the sector length byte. Finally, the two CEC bytes are weiteen to the disk Followed by one byte of ones (0FFA)

Im the Gemini DDS, QDss and QDS formats, there are ten sectors per track and jently the pattern of ID blocks and dats track but with differing sector mumbers.

track to be written during formatting would sven conform me

sent to the FOC while the right hand colusin shows the data written to the disk


1M System 24 Format,

Number Hex value of byte sent of bytes to FOC to disk 0 4e ae 2 0 00 3 Y6 2 1 ro FO Index mark 50 ae ae 2 00 00 3 FS a generator rt rE re Bark rn Track Mo Track No soa Side No” Side No. et Sector No Sector No at o 1 Sector Length (256 bytes) fot " crea : cece +o ae te. 1 00 00 7S FS AL + Resets CRC generator tog FB mY + 256 Bs Bt 2 T “ +56 4 390 “e “e

+ Write this field 26 th Continue writing 42M until next inex pulse received (Physica! end of track).

By contrast, the track format for the Gemini QDDS format is given below

Gemini Qpbs Format

Number Hex value of byte sent

of bytes to FDC to disk 2 “ae “e +. 00 0

2 3 5 a Resets CRC generator 1 TE re TD Address mark



Teack No Track No Side No Side No

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