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July–September 1987, Volume 1, Issue 3

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2) Set up a correctly configured SYS.mWv fie

>) Led, using an editor. This file should ‘be given « name with an extension “INS. (A ZCPRS.INS file

Included on the 23 disks, but {t does not include the .COM files on sig.

Vol. 200. Nesther does it allow for any renaming. e.g 1 prefer to cali


c) Put the fifes to be installed, SYS.ENV, 231N5.COM and the .INS file in one ser area, and issue the command -2SINS SYS.ENV KOOLINS

‘The files named in the file XXKLINS will be installed for the current data a# hela dn Sys ENV.

This completes the discuseion on some of the devious ways in which one can Sgplement the 23 systen.T’hope thav chore of you ou here who have not. cried yacouraged co have a go. The results are well vorth it. Ihave heerd yy be further developments of 23 that may include bank ewitching end

but have no detaile.

Appendix A. Typical BIOS modifications

This part could be in the equates section of your BIOS source, {f you have it. Te assumes 23 vegmence and buffers start at OFZ00 and occupy RAM to 0FFFFH Address ‘OF200H ‘fo where the 23 area stazte in ay systex Yours could be different The same applies to the other addr:

Bator equ 0FFFFH !Top of menory

Stcst equ OF20cH Stare of 23 Seguent and Buffer a whiadr equ 038K tAddress of Wheel Byte

patadr equ 0040H Start of defined default path Relede equ 0FF00H Multiple Comand Buffer

elbuff equ 200 HCoomand Buffer ie 200 bytes Long.

8 edit code to work with DIR: names in the Prompt. sn Edit Buffer and look for some code nearby like – STRIP: LD ML EDBUF+S


Or te HEX equivalent in the BIOS Imag jchange che code, or patch the BIOS Inage to be


iNow To the Cold Boot area of your BIOS, neer the end.

‘The Warm Boot Jump must be found. The code below assumes your BIOS has the Cold Boot routines in the BIOS workspace a they will be overlaid when the ayeten te running. The Warm Boot rout: wuatiy located near the start of the Bios: “Examine the First two jumps in the jump table at the start of the 310s (normelly 17 Jump instructions) to get the Cold and Varm boot routine srart Adare: Hote that the jump to WBo0Tl found near the end of the cold boot foutines as shown below will probably not be to the start of the Warm boot Foutines as found from the second jump table address, but rome tens of bytes Into the Warm boot routine

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