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October–December 1987, Volume 1, Issue 4

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financial muscle, which would be advantageous Navcore potential I How {iS tz prod to bol it hs bowen ened up by alee poor to repair over the ars,

Other than their industrial customers, Kenilworth Computers Limited’s business hat ranged from standard word proceuing systems, spread theot templates dosigaed,to the eutomere specific fequiremeats, 4 Point of sale program, a borehole analyse program to detect land movemeat ‘ue to seta ame “iabal overpay puctage. In fact aby aren wlere epucanedsottware i

‘As has happened with many dealers, curt! has lead to the seod to specalse more and more.

Kenilworth Computers” strength isin solving taduarial application problem, be they hardware or tr rekrabiy bate Of corn, ie’ ery esbaiy ef the BUS ‘ard ave

anbled cheat to offer cost effective solutions to their customers, and are the maiostay of the Ibtrdware side ofthe busines

Gemini GM880 Hitach! 64180 CPU/RAM Board

sr cry ing preys fn oe tiourd CTU whch we, Fact cn, “This bowed has bose ‘GMBI3, but please sote that Gemiai have NO iaiestion of ‘Eeonatng th Ct peda



“he Hint 680, (Zag call the 218) are ano felly compas take the” 7280 which despite adv Spat

‘The chip ult has the folowing specication: pera eaueny. 4 6810 and 12 eins

: $cemel Bi ik mrp aoa 110, a, 1 Ramet tp eomaeers el cee 1 SSMS recente ed


Tus design will interface to the MubBoad rage of in Ge same manner as the GME ‘The basic sf ‘of the board i includes the falowingy Products + 680 ruming 10 Mie wth no wa tes (SME option + TMByte of J Aza) 4 Mir Ph

Seppor of te OMESS sk RAM dik wn GMETS 2 MBye RAM dk the BUS at 4 MP but with the CPU inet running at 10 MHz ‘Alleisting UO ‘boards to function correctly



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