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October–December 1987, Volume 1, Issue 4

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memory. As (or software support this is then care of by the CPM BIOS – 1 dat have 10 do aa es ”

‘only problem with RAM instead of dak ic cht it ss volatile. You must obviouly remember to reve (0 Gk al les of tarcat before riehing of or rlleig a powe at Ht

DH. may hardly ever se his virtual dish, but for me it makes lie bearable. Michael Newsoa, Banbary, Oxon.


Dear Sir,

Many tins or pbliheg my tat eter which I ole te, for BDOSZ. The response tothe. ltr “as tutly “rerlning” and all four people oud. tavether pda [Shy oom “Since tha st ler, BOOS tas ny bad a couple GF tisor aero andone sal ap Band the veruon now nds a 192

‘The bug. caased data writen 10.» previoudy allocated sector to be forgoten when the fle was closed. “A. typical ensanple was under ZAP or SP2 where the first record of « ble was patched and ZAP pid, Sos Tou at hanes ee, wen fale tt

ia a eth BIOS, remained eck long, “The -BDOS warn causing the buffer to be fushed when the fle was closed, and the butler was dicarded on ‘warm boot.

is bled below and ig ali, xan, for ll versions rom, 16 orwards The amodited ee i fll” The ‘avolves deleting thowe. lines indicated “=- MY thanks to Pili Sherlock of Keailworth Computers for bngang ts bug to my attention.

= Nr muse Hae tans fia me ae

For those who obtained 1p upgrede to version 18 ( the att version issued to Hean/s Rao, for uibuion) and” who are wonderg vecher they have ‘used ou veruons 19, and 19, only added

ons fo revere the alle of the Bacapee and Dele Hey or fo ale them both Bacapace They stereteed improved Controls bending 10 That the Conon longer wgnored tere siready a character walng ip the BOOS character store (uy pausing MAD if You tae i seodng. he Ising fis to the soreen Hf you bave already typed another character) The penal Tor tht ‘cond improvement is that the BDOS wil now sel typeahead characters – ths why the eatre se Spona

My offer is sil open for those who have yet to upgrade their versoas of BDOSZ. Please send BE ft falc Se Sa ett tS a al age ng pape 1 cover the ou ‘of return it 10 you ‘Overt readers may send 2 cheque

toMWT Waters.

‘Yours sincerely, M.WT Waters, 7 Trenchard Close, Stanmore, Midde. HAT 35.

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