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October–December 1987, Volume 1, Issue 4

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The Dave Hunt Pages – PCs & MS-DOS

‘The Prologne

Well ths isthe Ostober ariel, and would you teiewe the date today is the, at of une? Heck, this dips wright wil be. te eat of ae.” Not ofcourse that TU Gab ode, ‘no, whatever T wnte today ‘will end up on the Scoplo archive disk and stay. the

‘Or three months, thea the editor wil be hounding me ord, and still won’t have Gashed.

‘As mennoned aa the last aude (Ive yust reread it, despute the fact that you woot see it for the’ best part of a month yet) I note that this might be the last magazine, Pit T have less time. for writag. these ays, and that “wring T’do, I preter to go were it wil Be most helpfl {assuming ‘that anything ere could be construed ‘as Belpful), that’s why 1 rather like wrinng for ow circulation “private magezines, this one 1p particular 1 certainly don’t dow for the ‘machismo, I’l never get famous trotting out this rubbish, and it certainly isa’t for the money, fact

1 could be something about the fact that theyil take anything I care to write, “Nevermind the quality, feel the width”, whut too uch ue penal work T’ve aever been aiked to reve fat ve riten aad oly ons few ocasons tae had anying seed (over by the sun). So the posible. demise Of this moganne means that T could be deprived of an ter copy hungry publisher” and you wil be deprived of the few pearls of wisdom I might acadeatally throw ou every fw and then between the 6000 odd words of my usual articles,

So dont let it die fol AL over four pounds a copy, ws not cheap, but 50 long it pubes ees o hep, bapy ald you fel oe peting Yor ony wth iad te ed tp fbb ep, ge fel 10 Wy the own tat way thre) ej hough ube to feep salve,

Anyway, enough of that, come the copy deadline things may have changed so the above 3, sndultny yarn ote deca oP” rere

New Toys?

“There bas been a lot positon the computer press lly bout what to, Alt now madac al tng A la of ssa sodkng if outa oe,

Blue bar beer up

“UMthogenpedie Png compas! – Mur nd ees Raper oor 2 ie Descente ie wee 2 iy TSE ace iS TONE awe

eerie ie 2 ie

can use an optical disk ustead” – What? you’re kidding! “paptied tes ss 2 Be? aeyresig ne Pa roa peace ter op

ome = Mf

So the new machines are faster, bigger and cleverer, with 3Y” drives, That’s good. The new microchannel BUS will only accept IBM approved addon bits. ‘That’s bad. The new operating system 952” even abe ye But wha does tht ik ean? Partly co somcoae hee who

forked outa consdcrable sum (ay money, nct anyooe cle’) for an IBM AT clone Well ‘eaalg berwec the, tines and ao folowing. Soma the Tomnris by vofware hoses oer comput ‘manufacturers, ec, is HOt all bad news

Firly O82 is upwards compatible fom MS-DOS, 10 that most ofthe old suff should work (sr “Set IBM. property. and ‘Micrsol wil be marttng i thensehes Wiha peril e700 the AT and” AT cle oppide market Many of the softwre tous wrest tat Rap, ty sce that Gecaraing efor onthe sew sactnes cold sp thew markets and many vessel tha they sa coninae fo wie for’ MS-DOS: wih consertion that OSs upward comple, Tha means

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