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October–December 1987, Volume 1, Issue 4

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Gemini GM886 – Intel 80286 80-BUS CPU Board

Gomini have announced the imminent availbiliy of on 80-BUS 80286 based CPU board – they are saying October. Price Us to be £325 (+VAT). Below ls ihe brief specification, extracted from the technical noes that Gemini have released so fer.

‘This product has the folowing principe featares- + 0286 CPU runing at 8 MHz (Optional 12 MHz) Clock Frequency

+ 1 Megabyte of Dynamic RAM (with No Wait State Operation via “terenving” memory access) + 64KB of EPROM Memory

‘+ 4250 Serial Port UART – compatible with IBM software

+ CMOS Batery Supported Real Time Calendar Clock

* Operates in both Real (8086) and PVM memory modes

* Dual Parallel Port – wit printer Handshake option

* ull loerrupe Control of peripherals, including 80-BUS peripberals

+ Option of Advanced DMA Controller to improve transfer rates

+ ull Memory and VO interface to 80-BUS- including Word Transfers

* Port comerion – adireing pons 3M0H.342H will acces 8O-BUS ports AGH and AIH. For ‘ann TBM Pc softwares® PO” pone

‘+ Pull speed 90287 Numeric Co-Processor operation possible + BO-BUS interface port- allows Dual Processor operation

+ Reset Control faity

+ FUILRS.232C interface aod Handshakes

+ Will run MS-DOS Operating Sytem and Applications (* ee Ed’s notes below)

Editor’s Notes on new 80-BUS Products

Jn this ise thee are articles describing three new S0-BUS CPU bourds, As sone of these produces atalyiaproducion as I wrte‘tha pat expeeace tells me that there may wel) be ange tothe speiSeato eves ot adao, bette ey arc generally eal

1 trust that the aticles have whetted your appuite, bat would sroogly recommend that you

chia firm specications. fom the manactrers or het deaere before comming youre!

purchase. “it tay wel be that cbere are limistons aso. what olher 60.BUS boards miy be. used

{he yntem with these new products (eg. you may HAVE to have an SVC rather than an IVC, oc » GMOAA ther than 8 GMBOS, GMB29 or GMB@, tc), so do check fr.

‘As far as the GM886 80286 board is concerned, the level of software compatibility will have to be tien no consderation, Thee Hie “dou ita ts ‘bes Ng perfomance prec, and you will be able to rum the MS-DOS Operating System However, because of the very salute oft fest Of the 80-BUS sjtem around this new board, particularly the video ‘ade, ths means that there trust be some limitations as (0 what MS-DOS applicitioas can be rus. ‘Do NOT expect (0 be able 10 rus the infamous Fight Simulator program

Please note that the above re inched her, not 10 purchasing he bounds bt © taken thay make oa ee ct wh yo may fe jochlg wil what Jou want Heppy hopping!

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